Aston Martin DBX – reviews, test.  A real Aston Martin can be an SUV

Aston Martin DBX – reviews, test. A real Aston Martin can be an SUV

An SUV body with a high center of gravity is not the best basis for a sports car. Therefore, the idea of ​​equipping this type of car with sports equipment has never appealed to me. Imagine you are an engineer. First, you create a car with increased ground clearance, which can drive on high roads and there is no problem with driving on forest paths. Later, you reduce this ground clearance and tighten the suspension to make the car more stable in turns. It sounds a little distorted.

Aston Martin took a different route. The DBX was supposed to be the most practical Aston Martin ever. An SUV, but with distinct characteristics of the British brand – a unique sports car presented in luxury. It worked, but…

One look at the DBX is enough to tell that we are dealing with an Aston Martin. Bold style, characteristic ribbing and ventilation, short overhangs, large grill and characteristic lights – from the outside, everything reminds of other cars of the British brand. It’s the same inside – there are many things of character. This is not always a plus.

I’m not a fan of the idea of ​​copying brand specific solutions if these solutions don’t work. In DBX, the buttons for selecting the operating mode of the gearbox is a similar idea, which is located on the center console, above the multimedia display. It’s impossible to switch from D to R mode in a parking lot without taking your back off the seat. This makes manipulation very difficult, which is not easy anyway, because the view in DBX is not a model. It’s not the end.

Aston Martin was not opposed to the trend of replacing classic watches with displays. It is a less aesthetic solution, but practical, because it allows you to show what you want. The driver has a choice. It’s a pity that the British did not give them in terms of multimedia support – this can only be done using the Mercedes touch panel located in the place where the gear lever is normally located. The center screen is not touch sensitive.

Anyone paying attention to details will quickly forget about the above-mentioned limitations of DBX. There is no other SUV on the market whose interior is made of materials like those found in a British SUV. There are only plastic buttons here. Nothing extra. Literally. Air vents are made of aluminum, door handles – too, speaker covers – too. The latter is also covered with skin. However, this material is everywhere.

Before taking the seat behind the wheel of the DBX, I did not think that in the leather of any car it can be found even in the pockets of the side doors and in the trunk (it covers the entire shelf that separates the luggage compartment from the passenger compartment. ) Here, even the airbag covers of the A-pillar and the sun visors are trimmed with Alcantara.

When we realize that the sewing is done by hand, it becomes more interesting. Each stitch was made by his own hand, without the help of a machine. The enormous amount of work put into finishing each DBX by the craftsmen inspires the imagination and gives each unit an individual character – no two DBXs are alike in the world. As the customization possibilities are almost limitless. You can even choose the material from which the stamps are made.

The DBX is built at Aston Martin’s new factory in Wales. This is confirmed by the inscription on the badge on the engine (“Hand built in Wales”). The engine known and used for years in other Aston models (Vantage, DB11) and in the Mercedes AMG 63 line. This engine is based on the principle of AMG engineers, i.e. “One Man – One Engine”. It’s easy to guess what it means – each engine is assembled by hand by one person from start to finish.

The 4-liter V8 produces more than 550 PS of power and around 700 Nm of peak torque. It takes 4.5 seconds to run up to 100 km/h. This is an impressive value, considering the weight of the car in excess of 2 tons and the high resistance that accompanies the air cut through the large body of the SUV. High power and impressive torque are certainly not enough to be called a sports car. The DBX, however, has more arguments in the debate about whether a real Aston Martin can be an SUV.

The strut located under the hood is a clear sign that the engineers cared about the stiffness of the body. You can feel every corner. It’s true that the DBX’s body bends a bit on fast-beating curves, but the car remains stable and predictable, thanks to precise steering and suspension. If I had to evaluate what is more important to the engineers responsible for their design: comfort or sports experience, I would point to the latter without hesitation, although in terms of comfort, the DBX is number one among all Astons on the market. After all, it is an SUV that guarantees plenty of space for four people.

The fact that the automatic transmission in the DBX has as many as nine gears has at least two advantages. First, when driving at highway speeds, the engine does not need to run unnecessarily. This allows you to reduce fuel consumption, although the number one result is beyond question. Second, in Sports mode, every drop means an ear-pleasing shot – the more gears hit, the more thunder. This attachment is the icing on the cake of games offered by DBX. Above-average luxury, exclusivity guaranteed by hand-finishing, unquestionably sporty character and exclusivity are typical characteristics of Aston Martin cars. DBX also has it. And just like with other Astonas, you have to pay a lot for a British SUV.

The price list opens with an amount of PLN 232,000. euro, i.e. PLN 1.1 million. A DBX has probably never left a Welsh factory without optional extras before. There are many of these. You have to pay a lot of money for each one. For example, a sports exhaust system requires an additional payment of 2.6 thousand. euros. It’s worth all the money, but it’s still $12,500. zlotys. An umbrella with a handle costs 350 euros, or 1.7 thousand. zlotys. Additional fee for 22-inch rims is 4.6 thousand. euros, or 22 thousand. zlotys. The list of possible additions is much longer. Increase the price to 300 thousand. Euro (PLN 1.4 million) is not a special achievement. It’s a price range that gives you access to every SUV on the market. Only – despite the obvious flaws – it’s hard to find something as unique as the DBX.