Aston Martin DBX707 – a sports beast in the guise of a luxury SUV

Aston Martin DBX707 – a sports beast in the guise of a luxury SUV

Aston Martin is the definition of luxury. The exclusive car brand has a great reputation and is recognized around the world – and now it is adding another brick to this.

The successor to the best-selling DBX does not disappoint

And not just any brick, because it is big, more than two drops, but very tasty and unique. We are talking about the DBX707, which is the fastest serial SUV in the world, which is easily suitable for driving – however it may sound.

Aston Martin presented its first SUV in 2020, which just one year later became a bestseller. The starting DBX had a biturbo 550 HP 4.0 V8 engine under the hood, which was already quite an achievement for a car of this size. The race for the most powerful SUV, however, was in full swing – and on the way were cars like the 640 HP Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT or the 650 HP Lamborghini Urus. The London brand, however, has decided not to be defeated on the throne in this regard and the latest DBX707 has a power – as the name itself indicates – only 707 hp.

Marcus Werner for Aston Martin

The performance of the DBX707 crushes you in the seat – and so does the driving itself

The latest Aston Martin SUV is based on numbers. Under the hood, we still find the biturbo 4.0 V8 engine, but very modern. In addition to the arrival of 157 horsepower, among other things, ball-bearing turbochargers and individual engine mapping adjustments have been added to provide more power and more torque. An important novelty is also the 9-speed automatic transmission with oil clutch. The use of a gearbox with an oil clutch ensures very quick gear changes compared to a gearbox with a torque converter – this means that the feeling of changing gears is almost instantaneous.

It is also worth considering the torque of the DBX707 engine. In the case of this SUV, we are talking about 900 Nm, ie we are dealing with a jump of more than 200 Nm compared to the base DBX. Aston Martin also decided to improve the ability to start from a standstill, thanks to which acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes us only 3.3 seconds. The maximum speed is 310 km / h.

Marcus Werner for Aston Martin

Brakes and wheels DBX707

It is also worth mentioning the brakes of the new London SUV. The base DBX had bare metal brakes while the DBX707 was fitted with carbon ceramic brake discs. The front discs of 420 mm and the rear discs of 390 mm are held by 6-piston calipers, which also reduces the weight by 40.5 kg.

The wheels? Great. Standard rims and tires are 22 inches, but you can choose 23 inches as an option. Aston Martin boasts that the use of larger rims brings additional advantages in terms of dynamics – a larger diameter tire provides better steering response, better vehicle control and shorter lap times.

Tobias Kempe for Aston Martin

A sports beast in the guise of an SUV

Driving the Aston Martin DBX707 is not only great fun, but also the quality of a class sports car. This is due to features such as automatic torque distribution front and rear, the ability to send up to 100% of torque to the rear axle on request or air suspension.

With the addition of new damping valves, updated options for dynamically changing the length of the spring, as well as more precise control of vertical movement, stabilization of tilt and roll, and therefore, easier adjustment of the level of vehicle yaw and movement original pedals. or the steering wheel, we find a car that will be perfect even in the most difficult conditions.

Tobias Kempe for Aston Martin

Visible components, ie, DBX base and carbon additives

Visually, the designers from Aston Martin did not have much to do, because the DBX with 550 hp was already a clean and luxurious SUV. The 707 version, however, could not miss a few nuances, which are quite subtle, but important. The grill in front of the car is immediately visible – it is bigger, which also affects the air flow (and this is very important with such a powerful engine). Small ventilation around the headlights has also been removed – instead we now get thin LED strips. The DBX707 also got additional side skirts, a stylish carbon spoiler lip on the rear wing and, above all, two rear pipes that make the car really fun. The power of this engine can be fully heard and the DBX707 is definitely one of those cars where a radio is not necessary – listening to the operation of the engine is enough.

As for the interior of the car – here you can also see a large amount of carbon, which is perfectly combined with beautiful leather. The entire “command center” in the middle of the car is also finished in glossy carbon, which adds to the beauty. The system in the car is transferred from Mercedes and at the moment I have the only objection to this car, which is the lack of a touch screen. The whole thing is controlled by a selector on the main tunnel – and although this is not a bad solution, it asks you to go through everything with your finger. However, a good step is to put the knob to change the driving mode, the buttons to change the suspension mode, ESP, manual gear mode and the exhaust switch used nearby, so that we can control everything without any problem, without having to the car system .

Tobias Kempe for Aston Martin

The rest of the car is the same as the base DBX. 632 liter trunk, 85 liter fuel tank, plenty of space in the back seat. It is a very comfortable car that will be perfect for family trips, even for five people.

A specific decision is to place the gearbox control buttons on the dashboard, above the display. This requires bending over for every gear change, which can be a bit of a pain in the long run. However, all these things are forgotten after you start driving. Aston Martin DBX707 is a large and comfortable SUV, inside which you can feel like in a limousine – and at the same time with sports car performance and great driving pleasure. Driving the new DBX is an absolute joy.

Marcus Werner for Aston Martin

Aston Martin DBX707 on Bilster Berg, Nürburgring mini

I had the pleasure of testing the DBX707 at Germany’s Bilster Berg. It is indeed a unique track with as many as 19 corners (some very difficult), 70 meters long and only 10 meters wide. For this reason, all races are banned there. The place made an amazing impression, although it was a very difficult place – but perfect to test the capabilities of the latest SUV of the London brand.

The route is not a straight road without any slopes, and you have to be careful about all the turns and be careful while driving the 707 HP car. The suspension and handling of the DBX707 played an important role here – and the car with a 9-speed gearbox is still allowed to exceed the 200 km / h barrier sometimes. The four-wheel drive SUV, weighing more than 2 tons, performed as well (if not better) on this track as the accompanying Vantage.

Marcus Werner for Aston Martin

Price and delivery

Pricing for the Aston Martin DBX707 has yet to be revealed, but you can expect a seven-figure sum. Production of the world’s most powerful SUV has already begun, and deliveries are scheduled to begin in the second quarter of this year.

Featured Image: Marcus Werner for Aston Martin