Aston Martin denies Vettel’s forced hat change: “He’s a free man”

Aston Martin denies Vettel’s forced hat change: “He’s a free man”

Aston team captain Martin Krack denies that the team forced Sebastian Vettel to return to his usual hat design at the end of the race week in Canada.

Vettel regularly attracts weather through various reports. In Montreal, the four-time world champion continued his campaign using a T-shirt that read: “Stop getting tar sand. It’s a Canadian weather crime” with a matching hat design. However, he was criticized by Sonya Savage, Canada’s energy minister, where Vettel returned to his usual white design with a German flag included.

Build awareness

In the German media, it was later reported that Aston Martin would force Vettel to wear his regular hat again, given the team’s relationship as a sponsor of Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s largest oil producer. When asked if this is correct, Krack says, “No, he wanted to build awareness with T-shirts and hats. Suppose at some point he decided that consciousness was created and that’s it. He can’t do that every day to wear it. The same T-shirt.”

a free man

Asked if it was Vettel’s own decision to change his hat, he said: “He lets us know. He usually informs us in advance what he does and then we agree. We had him for weeks. It was Friday, Friday and Saturday. He is free to decide. He is a free man.”

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