Aston Martin dismisses objections to new rear wing

Aston Martin dismisses objections to new rear wing

The new rear wing that Aston Martin took to the Hungaroring this weekend is ‘nothing special’ and it is far from certain that the part will be used for a long time.

That was said by team boss Mike Krack on Saturday during a regular press conference before the third free practice. Aston Martin caused a stir on Friday with a redesigned rear wing. The curved points on the sides of the wing seem at first to contradict what the FIA ​​wanted to achieve with the introduction of the new cars and wings for 2022. The wings of the previous generation cars created dirty air at the back. cars, causing the track and overtake was made more difficult. In the current design, that exhaust air is channeled through the rear wings over the cars behind, allowing the cars to drive closer together.

Aston Martin has now introduced a new wing that can reverse the problem of emissions. However, according to Krack, the wing was created in consultation with the FIA. “Normally, when creating a wing or an idea, you don’t wait until the last minute to show it to the FIA. We’ve been in contact with the FIA ​​throughout development to make sure this will be accepted. That’s how it ended up being and that’s when we got on with it.”

Sebastian Vettel tests Aston Martin’s new rear wing (Getty Images)

Other teams have spoken out against the wing, but Krack isn’t worried about the potential for protests. “This is our interpretation of the law. We established the wing based on the law in cooperation with the FIA.”

When asked how he viewed the rear wing, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner said he had no problem with it. “I think it follows the rules, that’s the most important thing. It’s an interesting way, maybe we’ll copy something from Aston Martin instead of the other way around.”

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