Aston Martin F1 will see the results of its new factory in 2025

Aston Martin F1 will see the results of its new factory in 2025

The Aston Martin team was one of the most surprising at the start of the 2023 season with its high performance speed, from being in seventh place in the general constructors classification to being the chasers of the world champions. However, as the months have passed, those from Silverstone have dropped back to become the fifth team on the track and threaten McLaren, as Mercedes and Ferrari have already escaped.

Here’s how the general classification for the 2023 Formula 1 season stands:

In the green group they didn’t think they were in that good position at the beginning of the year, and that gave them hope, especially since they have a modern factory under construction and a new wind tunnel. This installation should be one of those that gives the team a solid step forward, but as the director of engineering made sure, Luca Furbattowe will have to wait a long time.

The Italian accepted a interview on the team’s websitewhere he made sure of that The results of the new headquarters will not be seen on the pavement for two years: “I think we will start to see the full potential of the new campus as early as 2025. We will have our new gearboxes fully operational, and the new wind tunnel will be ready in the second half of next year. All in all, it will be a turning point. “

“It’s a big part of everything we hope to achieve. When I joined the team, the new academy didn’t exist, so I was able to contribute to the development of our future equipment,” said the Aston Martin engineer. “I remember when we were looking at the layout of the R&D test areas and various equipment, we spent a lot of time looking very deeply at the layout of the building, the dimensions of the equipment and even the type of foundation, and even though we were looking very deeply at the layout of the building. the first phase is complete and a great place to work, there is more to come.

About what the new wind tunnel will represent for the complex owned by Lawrence Strollthe head of one of the technical areas said: “It will be a wonderful instrument for us. First of all, it is being built to very high specifications.”

“Secondly, it is our own tunnel, and we will be able to do regular weekly shifts, with a little compression in working time compared to the current arrangement, it will be very beneficial,” commented Luca Furbatto previously. reveal the end of the good things you will have. “Finally, there’s also a benefit to having it on-site. It will increase the amount of social interaction that brings improvement and efficiency in whatever we design and engineer.”

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