Aston Martin Improvement in Silverstone

Aston Martin Improvement in Silverstone

( – Aston Martin’s B-type car, launched in the Spanish Grand Prix, should be a huge improvement, but so far it has not taken the team further than it once did. little dots back. The team now hopes that a new location in Silverstone will help change that.

Does that improvement bring Sebastian Vettel even further?


To be sure, the changes Aston Martin has made to Silverstone are not at the level of development seen in Spain. Instead, it is about adjusting the air flow created by the updates that the team may not have benefited from.

As we can see from other teams, the number of aerodynamic features in the pilot room area continues to increase. In the case of Aston Martin, this led to the introduction of a small fin behind a glass mount (blue arrow) that accompanies the fin that has been in the car for some time.


Comparing the changes with the halo of Aston Martin zoom

Also, the large, outer horn near the back of the halo appendix is ​​replaced by a shorter and longer object (red arrow), while the wing dangling from the halo transition is also returned after missing a few races (white arrow). ). )

The team also made changes to the lower braces and lower edge geometry to increase loading control and internal flow.

Details of Aston Martin

There are now many wings on the rear wheels zoom

An interesting new development can be seen in the rear duct of the inner brake, which now has a layer of small wings that change the direction of air flow and increase their internal loading (see indoor section).

Aston Martin Beam Wing

Beam wing on Aston Martin AMR22 zoom

The team also made changes to the beam wing to reduce to the required levels of power reduction and drag, meaning that the components of the components are extended.