Aston Martin is proud of the new engine.  This is the 3 liter V6 that will go to the Valhalla model

Aston Martin is proud of the new engine. This is the 3 liter V6 that will go to the Valhalla model

We’ve already written about plans to replace AMG’s 4-liter twin-charged V8 with a new hybrid based on a 3-liter V6. Now the British have finally officially revealed the new unit, revealing some technical details. We also know that the bike will begin to appear in the key model of the brand & hairsp; –   it will be extreme Valhalla.

Aston Martin Valhalla. The new Hyperauto will go to the Bond film

After Valkyrie, it’s time for another proposal. Aston Martin Valhalla & Hairsp; –   this is the name given to the new hybrid model, which will be available for only 500 …

After many years, Aston Martin returned to the concept of its units. Smaller, more modern and more environmentally friendly than the AMG engine used so far. The eight cylinder will give way six cylinders with the same capacity less than one liter.

Any shortfall will be compensated by an additional electric motor. Although Aston Martin is silent on the official specifications, it is not officially known that such a set will be produced. about 1000 km. At least this is the result of the announced technical data of the Valhalla model, which the new unit makes first.

The new V6 is lighter (weighs less than 200 kg) and ecological & hairsp; –   it should easily meet the strict emission standards of Euro 7. In the Valhalla model, the hybrid package will be combined with an 8-speed, very fast automatic, which will lead to amazing performance. Sprint to hundred will take only 2.5 seconds and the top speed will be 354 km/h.

Three liters in different configurations will be more likely to use many future brand designs. So let’s enjoy the latest British-powered V12s while we still can.

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