Aston Martin Lagonda shares: Now it’s really cool ()

Aston Martin Lagonda shares: Now it’s really cool ()

On the stock market, Aston Martin Lagonda Global is trading at GBP 95.29 as of 10/27/2022, 10:13 am Aston Martin Lagonda Global belongs to the segment “Car Manufacturers”.

Our analysts rated Aston Martin Lagonda Global based on 5 criteria. Each criteria defines a “buy”, “hold” or “sell” rating. The overall assessment is the result of the individual results of this analysis.

1. Analyst rating: Out of a total of 3 analyst ratings from the last twelve months for Aston Martin Lagonda Global stock, 0 are “Buy”, 3 are “Hold” and 0 are “Sell”. This means, on average, a “hold” rating for the security. On a second note, last month’s analyst ratings are also interesting. The following picture emerged: 0 buy, 1 hold, 0 sell. Recent analysis therefore results in an overall rating of “Hold”. An average of GBP 680 is calculated from the given price targets. That means the stock could rise 568.63 percent from its last close (£101.7). The resulting recommendation is “Buy”. In summary, Aston Martin Lagonda Global receives a “Hold” rating from analysts.

2. Sentiment and Buzz: Aston Martin Lagonda Global can also be viewed and evaluated over a long period of time based on the number of word contributions (volume of discussion) and the speed of change in sentiment. This allows interesting conclusions to be drawn about the long-term situation of the last few months. Specifically: Sharing has generated increased activity on the Internet. This shows the strength of the discussion and warrants a “buy” rating. According to our measure, the level of sentiment change indicates a negative change, which corresponds to the evaluation as a “sell” value. In the overall rating, the rating of Aston Martin Lagonda Global on this stage is: “Sell”.

3. Investors: A look at the discussion on social media shows the following picture: Over the past few days, market participants were generally positive about Aston Martin Lagonda Global. There were a total of 11 positive and three negative days. However, the latest news (in the past day or two) about the company is mostly negative. Based on our sentiment analysis, Aston Martin Lagonda Global is therefore given a “Hold” rating. Overall, Aston Martin Lagonda Global receives a “Hold” rating from the editors for investor sentiment.

Buy, hold or sell – Your Aston Martin Lagonda analysis is dated 29.10. gives the answer:

How will Aston Martin Lagonda be now? Is entry worth it or should investors sell instead? Find the answers to these questions and why you need to act now in the latest Aston Martin Lagonda analysis.