Aston Martin says goodbye to the combustion engine

Aston Martin says goodbye to the combustion engine

Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moers revealed the news in July 2021 on the luxury sports brand’s electrifying strategy. At that time he confirmed that the British want to put the first electric car on sale from 2025: It is likely to be the successor of DB11. In the middle of February this year, the message came that within four years only electric or hybrid cars should be sold. Pure combustion engines are no longer an option.

Like the entire automotive industry, the sports car manufacturer is in the process of freeing itself from its dependence on clean combustion engines and initially switching more and more to gasoline-electric hybrid drives. The current range of front-engined sports cars, including popular models such as the Vantage and DB11, will be completely converted to fully electric models in the next generation. Lawrence Stroll, CEO of the luxury car company, said the group is in “trip” and arguments “as fast as our customers want”with plans to introduce plug-in hybrid models in two years and all electric models by mid-decade.

Stroll also indicated that the brand will be fully electric by 2026. Unlike competitors like Bentley, who only want to sell electric cars by 2030, did not give a specific date for the final farewell to the combustion engine. Aston Martin itself is driven by the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the transition to an electric car brand. One seems to be quite convinced of the alternative electric car but also not to be: “I can’t tell you that 100 percent of Aston Martin customers want an electric car. People still want the smell, the sound. We will gradually move towards the electric car, but we will continue to do both [Elektro- und Hybridfahrzeuge] give”The walk continues

Part of Stroll’s strategy is to expand the brand’s range from sports cars and the new DBX SUV to mid-engined cars that compete with Ferrari. He added: “By 2025 or 2026 we will have electrified every model, front-engine, mid-engine, SUV, but we will continue to have hybrid versions for sale as long as there is customer demand.”

Aston Martin can rely on Daimler’s expertise for its electric plans after the German carmaker agreed last year. pass its technology to the British in exchange for a share of up to 20 percent. The V8 hybrid engine in the Valhalla, for example, is offered by the Mercedes AMG performance brand.

Aston Martin also expects increased sales from electrification. All-electric SUVs in particular are expected to boost sales. The British currently sell 6,000 good cars a year. In the future there will be more than 10,000.

Source: Financial Times – Aston Martin will phase out combustion engine-only cars by 2026