Aston Martin says it has found a loophole in the law and is planning a “90% different” car for 2023.

Aston Martin says it has found a loophole in the law and is planning a “90% different” car for 2023.

The British team says it found loopholes in the 2023 technical regulations and used them to implement “clever innovation” in AMR23.

Fernando Alonso made his official Aston Martin debut at the year-end test in Abu Dhabi

Photo: F1 / Grand Prix

THE aston martin comes with great expectations for the new season System 1. After signing a multi-year deal with the two-time champion Fernando AlonsoThe British claim that they found a loophole in the regulations that allowed them to build a car that was 90% different compared to AMR22.

The details of the new bolide have not yet been revealed, but Eric BlandinThe team’s deputy technical director, said the AMR23 design will see some interesting changes.


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“We’ve implemented a lot of innovation in the new car – it’s the icing on the cake. Things that are nice to have but not necessary,” he said in an interview posted on the team’s website.

“It’s nice when you get a small opening and you can use it to your advantage, but it’s not often you can put the whole car around it. Instead, it’s important to get the basics right and then add things up,” Blandin continued. .

Alonso was welcomed by Aston Martin

Alonso was welcomed by Aston Martin

Photo: Aston Martin / Grand Prix

“When you start a new car project, you realize what your limitations were last year – and how you can overcome them with a new design – and define an architecture that will give you more power in the future”, he said.

Aston Martin tried to use the data collected from last season’s car to apply the knowledge to the 2023 car. This, added to the gap found, resulted in a completely different car.

“Most of the AMR23 is new, it is completely different from the AMR22. We changed more than 90% of the parts and more than 95% of the aerodynamic surfaces are different”, concluded the deputy director.

Aston Martin intends to unveil this year’s car on February 13 at the team’s Silverstone factory. According to Blandini, the bolide presented at the event will not be just a painting exhibition, but a real AMR23. With this, the British hope “not to disappoint the fans”.

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