Aston Martin to have “aggressive development” in 2023

Aston Martin to have “aggressive development” in 2023

Dan Fallows, technical director at Aston Martin, said the team should be on an “aggressive development” path for the 2023 car based on last season’s training.

“I think that was a big factor in boosting our confidence going into next year,” Fallows said of the 2022 team changes.

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“We’ve really shown that these kinds of design principles that we’re putting into practice and some of the philosophies that we’re embracing are paying off. So what we’re trying to do next year is take a very aggressive development strategy, but build on the lessons we’ve learned this year,” Fallows said.

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Aston Martin will launch the AMR23, the car of the season, on February 13. Fernando Alonso joins Lance Stroll in a bid to keep the team in contention for the top five in the championship.

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