Aston Martin upgrade at Silverstone

Aston Martin upgrade at Silverstone

( – Aston Martin’s B-type car, unveiled at the Spanish Grand Prix, should be a big improvement, but so far it hasn’t taken the team further than the occasional dust-up. little dots back. The team now hopes that the new track at Silverstone will help change that.

Does the upgrade bring Sebastian Vettel further ahead?


To be sure, the changes that Aston Martin have made to Silverstone are not on the level of progress seen in Spain. Instead, it’s about fixing the airflow created by updates that the team may not have benefited from.

As we can see from other teams, the number of aerodynamic elements in the cockpit area continues to increase. In the case of Aston Martin, this led to the introduction of a small fin behind the glass mount (blue arrow) which is in line with the fin that has been on the car for some time.


Comparing the changes to the halo of Aston Martin zoom

Also, the large, angled fin near the rear attachment point of the halo has been replaced by something shorter and longer (red arrow), while the wing hanging on the transition side of the halo has also returned after missing a few runs (white arrow ). )

The team also made changes to the bottom braces and lower rim geometry to increase load control and internal flow.

Details on Aston Martin

Now there are more wings on the rear wheels zoom

An interesting new development can be seen in the rear duct of the inner brake, which now has a series of small wings that change the direction of the air flow and increase their internal loading (see inside section).

Aston Martin Beam Wing

Beam wing on the Aston Martin AMR22 zoom

The team also made changes to the wing beam to reduce down to the required levels of downforce and drag, meaning that the tips of the components have been extended.