Aston Martin Vantage you can never have too much power –

Aston Martin Vantage you can never have too much power –

National overview of Aston Martin Milan for the new Vantage with V8 increased to 665 hp! After the DB12, another big GT debuts with its variants from Motorsport DNA: GT3 and GT4!
Alessandro Gino, general manager of the Gino Group, was delighted to tell the invited guests of the prestigious area in Milan about the car together with the engineer Roberto Fedeli, the father of many famous Ferraris, and now the head of the technical department of Aston Martin. A car designed for pure driving pleasure.
“Thanks to the Aston Martin Milano team and to all our guests”, said AlesÂsandro Gino, who this week also accompanies the readers of IDEA magazine to discover this outstanding GT that will be available for testing from June.

Alessandro the uniqueness of this car is associated with special things. Which?

“Aston Martin confirms its incredible position in the high-end GT segment with this new Vantage. It is an important period for Aston Martin with great power, especially in the world of motorsport, Formula 1 and then in the GT segment with the recently released GT3 , GT4 which is also based on the recently released Vantage and then the first at Le Mans 2025 and Valkyrie AMR».

Let’s go to the car…
«This new Vantage has its own character, it will all be discovered… Starting from the front design that has been thoroughly revised… The car is new, especially the front grille, which is 38% larger and has the ability to ensure an increase. of 29% of air flow for cooler. Side air intakes, a new integrated front splitter and a new Matrix LED headlight design with integrated DRLs provide an overall vision that immediately evokes a sense of power and character. And then further along the side of the car you can see the beautiful new air intakes, the side skirts of a more generous size and also the new mirrorless mirrors that have already been seen, this time on the DB12. Also looking at the rear of this incredible Vantage, we see a beautiful line, with a diffuser design and above all a more generous size offering”.

Alessandro, from a technical point of view what has changed?

«665 hp: this is the answer to the V8 that we know well and that had already seen big riders on the DBX 707 and on the new DB12, but this time it is installed in a more modern car and the 4.5 meters confirm it. . An unusual torque of 800 newton meters, still a ZF gearbox but with a modified map as well as a side damper, already seen for example on the Vantage V12. This time the rear E-Diff, with electronics brought to higher levels, the vehicle’s power control is integrated with the TCM traction control and ten positions and in this Vantage the E-Diff also cooperates with the launch control, changing space. , it becomes normal and makes the launch control experience even better in this car”.

And the look?
«In aluminum with modifications to the front subframe and engine intakes to make the car more rigid and perform better. Then we get to the new shock absorbers, the Bilstein BTX variable which is very good on this car with a lot more adjustments like the steering box to make it more direct. The ZF is equipped with a short final drive and a top speed of 325 kilometers per hour. As for the braking system, the Vantage has 400 mm and 300 mm carbon-ceramic discs at the front; 360 and 410 back”.

What are the features of the VanÂtage interior?
“The Vantage also shows a new aesthetic, starting with a completely updated interior and a stylish design, already available on the DB12, which puts the driver at the center. The English company has updated the entire technological sector: the top-of-the-range GT features a new generation of infotainment and the 10.25ii main screen, which integrates wireless compatibility with Apple CarPlay and navigation with the What3Words system. But the driving performance is the main feature of this new Vantage with its 665 hp.. .And I hope to do it soon!».