Aston Martin vs Alfa Romeo in P6 battle: “It will be very difficult”

Aston Martin vs Alfa Romeo in P6 battle: “It will be very difficult”

( – In the fight for sixth place in the constructors’ championship, Aston Martin managed to score 24 points in three races, while Alfa Romeo left empty-handed. In Mexico, however, Aston could not continue this race, Alfa at least collected points.

Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo aren’t just close on the track



Four points separate them before the last two Formula 1 races of the season: Alfa Romeo reaches 53, Aston Martin with 49. Nothing is lost yet, but nothing is lost either.

“We’ve scored a lot of points recently, yes, but it’s not easy to overtake Alfa Romeo,” says Aston team boss Mike Krack and, with Mexico in mind, he says: “We saw how fast they were this weekend – a. much, much faster than us.”

“And we must not forget,” he adds, “that they were fast in Suzuka, they were fast in Texas, but they didn’t connect. So I think it will be very difficult for us to catch them. or even pass him.”

“We hope for difficult conditions, like sometimes in Brazil, because I think we are very good at handling it as a team. It will surprise me if the decision in Abu Dhabi is made in the last round, but four. The points are obviously a lot.”

This is especially true in a competitive midfield with only two races to go. “Four points means we have to get five more points because they finished fifth immediately. So it will be difficult but we will try,” said Krack.