Aston Martin wants key part of F1 car to be ‘standard part’ by 2026 –

Aston Martin wants key part of F1 car to be ‘standard part’ by 2026 –

While Aston Martin is lobbying to ensure that the gearbox of F1 cars becomes a so-called ‘standard part’ by 2026, so that all teams run with the same gearbox.

From 2026, the Aston Martin F1 team will use Honda engines. As Aston Martin are now trying to take advantage of a major law change that will come into force in 2026 to make the gearbox a ‘standard part’. Since manufacturing and building a gearbox costs a lot of money, Aston Martin usually chooses to ‘save costs’ for the team.

“We are pushing the standard gearbox because it makes financial sense in an environment where we are facing budget constraints,” said Luca Furbatto, director of engineering at Aston Martin. “However, we are facing strong opposition. Of course, it won’t happen anytime soon. It is possible that the FIA ​​will find a happy way elsewhere where the design should be a little more according to certain guidelines, light and simple.

“I suspect that in a few years we will look back and realize that we missed a great opportunity to cut costs.”

“It’s something the fans can’t see, the technology is the same in all teams and it makes little difference in terms of performance.”

“The money saved by the gearbox can be used in aerodynamic development, which is currently the only way to bring the cars on the grid closer together.”