Aston Martin with the first update in the 2023 season

Aston Martin with the first update in the 2023 season

( – For the first time in the 2023 Formula 1 season, Aston Martin has released its AMR23 with a new segment: the cars of Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll compete in the Monaco Grand Prix (all categories here in Formula 1 straight!) with modified wheel suspension. The team also replaced the brake shafts and made other minor modifications to the car.

Modified front suspension on the Aston Martin AMR23 at Monaco 2023

But: The update on AMR23 is not finished with this. According to team boss Mike Krack, more new parts will be introduced in the next race in Barcelona.

Why aren’t you in Monaco already? Krack refers to the cancellation of the Imola race, where Aston Martin wanted to use a full update package. “Now we have divided it. We have parts that make sense for Monaco in the car. There are a few more parts that we only use in Barcelona because they wouldn’t make sense here in Monaco.”

The most noticeable is the change to the front axle

Krack doesn’t go into detail about the individual development parts, but only says: “We have a few updates here and there in Barcelona. There will be more new parts as the season progresses.” The Aston Martin team boss does not give a specific timetable for this.

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So what’s new about the AMR23 in Monaco? The most noticeable is the change to the front axle. There, Aston Martin changed the suspension and, similar to Mercedes, installed a new upper bone. There are new brake shafts to match. All this serves to improve the flow of air to other aerodynamically important areas of the car.

New parts can also be found on the rear axle. Aston Martin has modified its small air barriers and also modified the brake lines. The team also hopes that this will lead to better penetration and thus more performance.

Alonso promises full attack in Monaco

Track-specific modifications to the AMR23 include speed-tuned wings for more downforce and larger brake air intakes for better cooling.

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And Alonso has high hopes for Aston Martin in Monaco: “We have a unique chance to win here,” he says. “Monaco and Singapore are circuits where you have to build confidence in free practice and approach the walls. I will attack more here than any other weekend.”

Unfortunately, Ferrari and Mercedes are doing it differently than Aston Martin: Ferrari is moving its planned updates for Imola entirely to Barcelona and Mercedes is already bringing the full update package to Monaco.