ASU’s Josh Doan, son of Shane Doan, to go pro with Coyotes

ASU’s Josh Doan, son of Shane Doan, to go pro with Coyotes

The Arizona Coyotes have made a bold move and are set to take a promising young talent to the professional level. Josh Doan, son of Coyotes legend Shane Doan, has been signed by the team in the hopes of continuing the legacy of the Doan family.

The decision to bring Josh Doan to the professional ranks has been met with anticipation and excitement from the hockey community. Doan, who has been playing in the NCAA for Arizona State University, is considered to be an elite prospect with a bright future. He has been praised for his technical skill and advanced hockey IQ, as well as his strong skating and ability to make plays.

Doan’s signing marks a new era for the Coyotes organization. The team has been in search of a new young talent to lead the team into the future, and Doan is thought to be the man to do it. His experience playing college hockey has given him the skills and knowledge necessary to make an immediate impact in the NHL.

The Doan family is a beloved part of the Coyotes organization, and the signing of Josh is sure to be a hit with fans of the team. Shane Doan is widely considered to be one of the greatest players to ever wear a Coyotes jersey, and his son is now poised to continue the family legacy.

Josh Doan is an exciting prospect for the Coyotes, and his signing has been met with much anticipation. He is considered to be a highly-skilled player with the ability to make an immediate impact in the NHL. With his pedigree and technical acumen, the future looks bright for the young Doan and the Arizona Coyotes.