At BIE, Porta Solutions is showing a 1958 independent 3-spindle machine

At BIE, Porta Solutions is showing a 1958 independent 3-spindle machine

Oscar Porta, President of Porta Solutions, at the BIE exhibition. In the preview image: The first Porta machine from 1958 with 3 independent spindles.

Door solutions showed to BIE his first machine with 3 independent spindlesin the section marked with “Bergamo Brescia Capital of culture 2023”, which showed historic machines: the Porta Solutions machine shown was the longest-lasting of all the machines shown: it dates back to 1958.

Oscar Porta, Founder and President of the historical company of Villa Carcinathen twenty-one, inspired by the development of the first use of hydraulics, aimed at this first machine to customize the processes of cutting and piping, increasing productivity and quality.

On the first day of the opening of the exhibition, the President was there next to his car, still with the same enthusiasm as in 1958!

Designed with a drawing board and dedicated to the cutting industry, we are talking about one machine tool hydraulically operated instead of mechanical/pneumatic: the activities performed are grinding and drilling four wells made on the handle of a kitchen knife.

The market demand at that time was very productive, for this reason the acquired project was translated into a machine with 3 independent spindles.

This innovation already gave at that time the opportunity to be able to use one machine instead of three machines. With a technologythen, pPlanned for many years by a generation of the Porta familywhich makes it possible to produce the same amount but with fewer installed machines, with a reduction in energy consumption, less workers, reducing the space occupied, at the same time obtaining, at the same time, a lower cost per piece, according to today’s proposal and Porta Solutions, which is the first to offer in bulk Portacenter, machining center with three independent spindles.

The Portacenter machine currently in production, today’s evolution, but still with 3 independent spindles.