Attractive colors for the new Opel Astra and Mokka

Attractive colors for the new Opel Astra and Mokka

Wednesday, 8. June 2022 – 20:08

Strong designs like that of the winning Mokka Award and Astra’s new bold new color: green for Mokka and yellow for Astra.

“Car colors should not only satisfy the customer, they should also match the shape and size of the car,” explains Nicole Heidt, Assistant Chief Designer, Paint and Trim. “A cohesive style like Astra comes by itself with refined mica or metallic colors, which are also very popular with consumers in that segment of the market.”

Earlier, at the start of the development of the new Astra, Opel’s sales team informed the design department that they also wanted Astra’s sixth generation in yellow, usually brand color.

As usual when creating a completely new color, Nicole Heidt began the process of creating by researching color styles. He added to his own experience and began to think about creating a new shade of yellow for the new Astra. Nicole took her ideas to the paint shop of the architectural department where – as a chef who makes the dishes – she personally put together a ‘recipe’ of a new color.

In a 200 ml can, he mixed several car colors from the main dealer until the results matched his idea.

The designer then put together a status board and color samples to present new colors for Opel’s architecture and marketing management. After their approval, Nicole made samples of the Rüsselsheim factory color distributor, whose final product must match the idea and color samples as closely as possible, before proceeding with the production of the series.

Extensive process: creating new colors can take up to four years

The process of developing new colors can take up to four years. Paint must be ready for spraying robots 12 months before the start of car manufacturing. “The yellow we chose as the launch color for the new Astra at the beginning of the process has turned into a bull’s eye,” says Nicole Heidt. “Such colors are very popular right now.”

In the case of Mokka, a small SUV with a smaller customer profile than the new Astra, Opel was looking for a new bold, sporty color. Nicole Heidt’s research showed that shades of green are gaining popularity. “Green is also an excellent color for a smoke-free electric car, which uses a battery like Mokka-e,” he adds.

‘3-rain’ painting process: annual CO2 emissions were reduced by approximately 2,200 tons

Electronic cars such as the electric Mokka-e and the new Astra Plug-in hybrid are just two examples of Opel’s contribution to more sustainable mobility. Body color also plays a role in this. For example, the new Astra ‘Amber Yellow’ is used in a production facility in Rüsselsheim, where production from the paint store has been significantly reduced. The factory currently uses the so-called ‘3-wet’ packaging method, in which one complete step is removed from the drying process. Compared to conventional painting processes, this reduces annual CO2 emissions by approximately 2,200 tons, while continuing to provide high-quality protection against corrosion and stone chips. In addition, annual water consumption decreases by approximately 1,800 cubic meters.