Audi A4 B10 2023, Last Gasp of Combustion Engine

Audi A4 B10 2023, Last Gasp of Combustion Engine

This year will conclude with the delivery of the Audi A4 B10. The German manufacturer is preparing for the launch of the new and also final generation of the combustion engine for this vehicle. However, this does not imply that the power supply will bypass the A4’s position by a significant margin. Contrariwise, technologies developed for electric vehicles will be incorporated into this vehicle, where they will assist gasoline and diesel engines.

The Audi A4 B10 2023 is more than an evolution

As you may have suspected, the Ingolstadt brand does not value design innovation. Therefore, the future iteration of the A4 will be a conceptual evolution of the current model. Nonetheless, we can prepare for a few new developments. Initially, the front will have dynamically designed LEDs and a big grill.

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It refers to the brand’s most recent models, which include electric vehicles. Thanks to this treatment, A4 B10 will maintain its “clean” appearance for a long time. Our friends at have created a rendering that depicts the likely appearance of this automobile in its entirety. It was developed based on spy images that reveal an increasing number of details about this car.

Audi A4 B10 2023 – hybrids perform the first violin note

The Ingolstadt brand faces an uphill battle. The BMW 3 Series is a highly successful vehicle, while the technology of the new Mercedes C-Class W206 is impressive. Therefore, if Germany wishes to remain competitive, it must select solutions of the highest caliber.

The vehicle will, as predicted, continue to utilize the MLB EVO platform. It is a layout suited for permanent installations. Rumors concerning swapping CDs MQB should be discarded; this feature is exclusive to the A3 model.

Thanks for using the plate. MLB EVO The Audi A4 B10 will be able to utilize the most advanced hybrid drivetrain created for larger vehicles. They will be joined by modernized variants of the TFSI engine family, with the 2.0-liter engine located in the front.

Audi A4 B10 2023

The plug-in hybrid battery may be the Achilles’ heel, however. There is no evidence that the Audi A4 B10 can accommodate a battery with a capacity exceeding 17 kWh. This is not a poor result, but when compared to the Mercedes C300e with a battery capacity of 25.4 kWh, it is at best average.

There is a diesel engine beneath the hood. These will be new, HVO-hydrotreated vegetable oil-compatible designs. It is an oil produced from the byproducts of the food industry. Currently, it is quite costly to manufacture, yet it may represent the future of diesel engines.

Audi has already implemented the HVO fuel option for its V6 TDI vehicles. The combustion of these fuels results in extremely low CO2 and noxious gas emissions. Is this the future of the three “unique” letters that have appeared on four-ringed autos for decades?

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Audi A4 B10 – full digital inside

Additionally, we are aware that Germany is diligently developing a new multimedia system. A4 B10 may be the first model to receive next-generation components. Expect two touch panels in the middle console; Ingolstadt has made this idea it’s a permanent home.