Audi A5 Cabrio: as diesel as the old ride

Audi A5 Cabrio: as diesel as the old ride

SUVs and crossovers everywhere you look – convertibles are also a victim of this trend. Comfort issues, safety concerns and the cost issue are other reasons why fewer and fewer convertibles are being produced and purchased. However, there are still fans of this niche of cars, and especially when the first rays of the sun in the spring give that special feeling of warmth, they open the roofs of their sports models and let the wind hit their faces.

Of course, driving the Audi A5 Cabriolet is even better when the fabric roof is stored in the compartment provided – this also works at the push of a button while driving, which is a special effect for inexperienced passengers. in variables. If the sun’s rays are not quite as warm as you would imagine, the neck level heater (460 euros) helps: at the touch of a button, it releases warm air from the headbands so that the soft air cloth can circulate. neck If a shower threatens, the roof can also be quickly closed again while driving.

Even if the fabric hood cannot provide the same level of noise comfort as the roof is installed, driving with the roof closed is not so loud that the occupants (preferably two, since the back space for adults is very small. ) occasionally noise for each one will have to. The layout of the chassis tends towards the sporty-taut side, sometimes making the spine ache when driving over rough grooves. If the driving mode is set to “Comfort” mode, long distances are not a challenge for the A5 Cabrio.

More information:

Engine: 2.0 diesel (150 kW/204 hp), maximum torque: 400 Nm, consumption: 6.0 l, CO2: 158 g/km (factory), 0-100 km/h: 7.9 seconds, Vmax: 243 km/h, 7-Speed ​​S tronic, front wheel drive.

Dimensions: Length: 4.71 m, curb weight: 1690 kg, gross vehicle weight rating: 2180 kg, trunk volume: 370 l, trailer load (broken): 1900 kg, test consumption: 6.5 l.

Base price: 55350 euros, powered version: 72385 euros. Insurance type classes (KH/TK/VK): 19/24/26.

In terms of the engine however; The 204 hp diesel engine is installed in millions of Volkswagen Group vehicles and is still used as a demonstration by people who are skeptical about electric mobility. In the open A5, the engine is said to consume six liters of diesel per 100 kilometers; in the daily experiment, half a liter had to be added. Of course, the two-liter diesel engine is easily equipped for convertible water transport, even if the seven-speed S-Tronic occasionally works sluggishly. The engine and transmission seem very sluggish, especially around traffic lights – when the automatic shutdown system shuts down the engine, it takes a very long time before it’s ready to drive again. On hilly country roads, however, the front-wheel drive reveals its full effect in open conditions, thanks to its direct steering, the A5 is very happy to be guided through curves.

The cheapest open A5 (with a 150 hp petrol engine) starts from 49400, the so-called TDI 40 204 hp diesel is sold from 55350 euros upwards. Various support, comfort and technology ticks from the options list allow the final price to rise to 72385 euros.