Audi and Volkswagen sales continue good run until April

Audi and Volkswagen sales continue good run until April

Audi and VW continue to have a good run in sales; in the first quarter they rise 27.6% and 13.4%. Photo: Audi and VW

From January to April of this 2023, the sales of automobiles and light trucks Volkswagen in the domestic market, saw an increase in 13.4 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, while those of Audiwho also has his company in the entity, they went up 27.6 percent.

This was announced by the Inegi in its Administrative Registry of the Automotive Industry of Light Vehicles (Raiavl), where it highlighted that, in the aforementioned period, 412 thousand 736 units throughout the country, which meant a increase of the 22.5 percent compared to 336 thousand 841 last year.

Regarding the German assembler installed in cuautlancingosales went from 29 thousand 855 to 33 thousand 859which earned him a rise of 13.4 percent.

For its part, the shipbuilder luxury of the four rings went from 3 thousand 212 to 4 thousand 473an increase of 27.6 percent.

Just considering the month of April, Volkswagen was placed as the third mark further commercializedwith 8 thousand 985 units, only surpassed by Nissan and General Motors; while Audi sold 893, with which he went to the place 22which attends to the fact that it is a luxury brand with higher prices than the others.

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