Audi Boss Confirms A4 Will Be Renamed A5 While The A6 Will Become The A7

Audi Boss Confirms A4 Will Be Renamed A5 While The A6 Will Become The A7

Audi’s Chief Executive Officer has confirmed that the automaker’s A4 model will be rechristened the A5, while the A6 will become the A7. This announcement follows a string of reports that Audi plans to revamp its naming conventions for its sedan lineup.

The CEO, Henrik Wenders, declared that the changes will be implemented in order to simplify the company’s nomenclature and to more accurately reflect the vehicles’ size and positioning. Consequently, the A4 will be rebranded as the A5, while the A6 will take the A7 moniker.

Moreover, Wenders has divulged that the A8 will remain the top of the line model, and the A1 will be the entry-level offering. The A3 will also continue to occupy its place in the lineup.

While Audi has yet to unveil the official timeline for this shift, industry experts anticipate that the new naming system will be in effect within the next two years. Wenders specified that the company sought to create a more intuitive naming system that will be readily understood by both existing and potential customers.

The rebranding of the A4 and A6 models is part of a larger effort by Audi to streamline its product portfolio. A spokesperson for the automaker indicated that the company is looking to reduce the number of derivatives and trims it currently offers.

Audi’s new naming system is projected to become the standard across its global markets, with the exception of China, where the country’s regulations dictate that all vehicles must be labeled with a numerical designation.

These changes come as Audi seeks to solidify its position in the luxury auto segment, where it faces stiff competition from the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz.