Audi confirms the imminent farewell of the TT and R8

Audi confirms the imminent farewell of the TT and R8

The most sporty and wild models of the brand with four rings Audi have a badge that is as special as the performance of the board and the feeling they give.

The RS is the hallmark of the entire Audi range, high-end offerings and not just wild performance. But also great cachet and uniqueness.

And these two qualities are fundamental to the new strategy of the company based in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm.

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Goodbye to TT and R8

The Audi Sport division is embracing the era of electrification, offering new electric models across the range, but it won’t immediately abandon sportier versions of the combustion models.

Even if most of them will be brutal PHEVs like the new generation Audi RS 4 Avant, which we have already seen in tests. However, a major cleanup is imminent, according to a statement from the executive.

The Audi TT and R8 are on their way out

Sebastian Grams, managing director of Audi Sport, also confirmed that the production of the two true flagships of the range, the TT and the R8, is coming to an end. The second future involves electrification, but the future of the first is an unknown reality. Audi does not want to abandon this classic model and is considering turning it into a 100% electric crossover.

The boss is convinced that the company he represents must have a higher level of exclusivity than it currently enjoys. It means not launching more technological RSs, but limiting the sports offer to only offering essential models. Usually, SUVs are untouchable, and more modern versions will be added to this market segment.

A decision that confirms the arrival of the RS Q5 and RS Q5 Sportback, as well as the RS Q7, but does not clarify the question of which models will leave the high performance versions.

The million-dollar question is which of the German brand’s RS-badged high-performance sports cars will leave, a decision that is not easy. Because they risk losing sales, at least, and give them away for free for the Munich tournament and those with stars.

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