Audi Hoonitron vs S1 Quattro Group B 1985, challenge of the century: who will win?

Audi Hoonitron vs S1 Quattro Group B 1985, challenge of the century: who will win?

With the advent of electric cars we witnessed a series of drag races that were not surprising to say the least, like the Tesla Model X that beat the Ferrari SF90 and the Aventador. After all, EVs are incredibly fast, but how will they fare against the legend of Group B?

We are talking precisely Audi S1 ​​​​Quattro Group B, among the world’s top 10 rally cars, including the Impreza, Delta and other dirt road beasts. However, in front of the legendary German race of 1985 there will be a horse of origin.S1 Hoonitron operated by the late Ken Block in the last video of the Gymkhana series, which has become Electrikhana for the occasion.

The electric S1 has two motors that can output each up to 680 horses, with a torque of 640 Nm, while the battery pack is 50 kWh for a total weight of 1,620 kg. According to what was explained by Mat Watson of Carwowwho organized the drag race, this is a well car 10 million dollars, things to say the least.

The 1985 S1, however, has a 2.1-liter turbocharged 5-cylinder engine and 500 horsepower and a torque of 480 Nm. The gearbox is manual and six-speed, while the weight is only 1,090 kg, if it is a racing car. Its value is approx 2 million euros.

Who will win between the two contestants? It is clear that the fire power is not balanced, considering that on the one hand we have a car with a power of around 1,400, and on the other hand with 500. Moreover, the electric car has had an interesting starting point, unlike what happens with hot car, although it works like a rally beast.

Finally, as expected, Hoonitron woncrossing the quarter mile in just 10.1 seconds, compared to 11.6 for Group B. In any case, the car from almost 40 years ago performed admirably, considering all the time that has passed since its creation and the price difference, about 8. million euros.