Audi in the Dakar Rally: How did the first match go?

Audi in the Dakar Rally: How did the first match go?

It was a sensation when Audi announced on November 30, 2020 that it would take part in the Dakar Race with a new operational team from 2022. Knowledge from Form E and DTM was used to launch this new beast named Audi RS Q e-tron.

Electrical operation on both axles with a total output of 300 kW, two tons weighed 4.5 meters long, 2.3 meters wide and 1.95 meters long – these are impressive data for the world’s first electric car. “with a capacity of 295-liter tank and 2-liter 4-cylinder turbo. Because the Dakar steps with a length of more than 800 kilometers in some cases cannot be completed by charging the battery at a race speed in 2022.

Audi itself was very concerned about this unique pilot project even before the start of the Dakar Rally. During the two weeks of the race, however, the Ingolstadt company was so impressed with its top drivers that the alarm bells were already ringing for the race, which was still a victory at this time.

“By far the fastest car”

“They made a faster car,” Prodrive boss Dave Richards told Autosport after the Dakar conference. The BRX-Hunter, tested by superintendent Sebastien Loeb, with millions in Bahrain and run by superintendent Sebastien Loeb, exits its automotive component and ranks second in the overall position in 2022.

“We have to find balance so that even competition, it is not an easy task for the FIA, but otherwise Audi will come to kill our game, now you have to analyze the data carefully and get everything back to the same level. . Audi’s performance is at a completely different level. They still weigh 200 pounds and are still faster than our cars, “Richards said angrily.

Glyn Hall, manager of the team that won the Toyota race, agrees with Richards: “Audi did a very good job. They won a lot of steps despite weighing 200 kilos.

Starting in Dakar goes in pants

With this, Hall refers to the many events that brought the Audi team back into general classification in the early days of the conference. Car crashes, navigation errors and minor minor car crashes hit Stephane Peterhansel, Carlos Sainz and Mattias Eksström.

The results of the action of three Audi drivers

platform peterhansel Sainz Ekstrom
1A (Preface) 14 2. 15
Step 1B DNF 50 40
step 2 4. 3. 9.
step 3 3. victory 5.
step 4 DNF 3. 31
step 5 63 48 22
step 6 42 43 2.
step 7 4. 3. of 8.
step 8 2. 4. victory
step 9 of 8. 6. 4.
step 10 victory 2. 13.
step 11 6. victory 3.
step 12 2. 4. 26
In general DNF (59.) 12. 9.

After the full first stage on January 2, the first car (Peterhansel) was officially removed, while the other two lost at 1:44 pm (Ekström) and at 2:21 (Sainz). By the end of the first week, however, all three drivers had completed the stage in at least one step and Sainz secured Audi’s first victory in the daily classification on January 4th.

Most of all, the performance in the second week made the competition sweat out of the upcoming versions. Of the last six stages, Audi won three and took five more podiums. All three Ingolstadt-based cars were faster in the second week of Dakar than the last winner Nasser Al-Attiyah in Toyota.

The second dynamic week of Dakar

Eksström took a total of eleven seconds from Qatari from point 7 to 12, Stephane Peterhansel got four minutes and Carlos Sainz managed to keep Al-Attiyah away for 17 minutes in the second week. If Sebastien Loeb had not gone 16 minutes ahead of Sainz in his crash race, Audi would have even won the second half of Dakar.

In an official press statement, people from Ingolstadt mentioned their first appearance after crossing the finish line with “A successful start to a new era”. “Especially in the second half, the routes were typical of Dakar, which is very different and requires a combination of off-road tracks, small and large terraces and difficult directions. With our engineers, we have set the car better and better during the course. . of the conference “, concluded Sainz.

In the overall result, Mattias Eksström saved the Audi face to 9th place. Although the Swedes only started the Dakar Race for the second time and for the first time in its first class. That too should be a warning to the competition.