Audi Progressive Retail, The Four Rings launch a new concept for customer experience, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Audi Progressive Retail, The Four Rings launch a new concept for customer experience, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Audi Progressive Retail, the four rings launch a new concept of use for customers

  • Audi RS e tron ​​​​​​​​GT, combined power consumption 20.2 to 19.3 kilowatts per 100 kilometers, with CO2 emissions of 0 grams per kilometer
  • The first Audi Progressive showroom opened in São Paulo in #Brazil
  • With an expanded retail concept, customers experience products, services and brands in new ways
  • Standardization for international markets from early 2023

In marketing, #Audi is more customer-focused: with a new, attractive and progressive #showroom design, digital usability features and technology-enthusiastic staff. The Audi Progressive Retail concept offers room for emotional and personal experiences related to products and brands and offers a unique way of thinking about the future of the four rings.

There is no counter or bar, instead a large welcome table where the staff of the Audi Progressive showroom welcomes customers: visitors should feel comfortable and welcome as soon as they are greeted. Consulting islands with high-quality furniture and atmospheric lighting are also integrated into the showroom – for a new brand experience.

“The new retail concept makes it possible to experience brand strategy with a focus on sustainability, design and digitization in retail with a human and individual focus,” says Hildegard Wortmann, Member of the Board of Sales and Marketing at #Audi AG. »With Audi Progressive Retail, we transform our retail into an experience space and an important partner within the Audi ecosystem in a tangible way.«

Feel the product and brand

The concept celebrates its debut at a new pilot plant opened in Morumbi, a district of São Paulo in Brazil. In the Development Showrooms, which will be released gradually, seasonally and voluntarily, especially in new buildings and conversions from the beginning of 2023, traders can play with materials, colors and contrasts to promote the product, but also the brand.

Audi has detailed various equipment features. These include a car showroom and a consultation lounge. In addition, customers can find out in digital contact points that the #Audi ecosystem offers more than just a driving experience and what technologies differentiate Audi from the competition. In this way, brand models can increasingly become a personal “experience device” in the future. With tools such as remote 3D advice, personalized in-car experiences and digital touch points, customers at Audi partners are already enjoying digitally integrated customer journey models.

Customer-centric Service Concept as an integral part of #

The main part of the construction of the new concept is the staff in the showrooms. The Audi Sales Experience HR concept, which has been in place since 2016, evolves according to customer needs. For this reason, the so-called Audi Experts, as product experts, are given additional skills to arouse customers’ interest in technology and the brand, for example with information on services related to electricity. This is how Audi experts ensure a customer-centric and personalized shopping experience.