Audi removes 2033 combustion engines from sales lists

Audi removes 2033 combustion engines from sales lists

Even under new CEO Oliver Blume, Volkswagen Group will continue to reduce the number of models with combustion engines. Audi, for example, will no longer have combustion engines in their price lists from 2033 Cars and Sports. Before that, however, a key series of models with combustion engines would be reworked so that they could still be sold outside Europe after the EU plans to ban combustion engines from 2035. This applies to all of the company’s main brands.

According to the car magazine, the model schedule shows that next year VW will present new generations of the Tiguan and Passat and will give the T-Cross a facelift. VW will only offer the Passat as a station wagon, while sister company Skoda will continue to offer the Passat Superb competitor as a sedan with a combustion engine. The Tiguan will be presented in a new model with a two-liter TDI and a smaller, recently revised 1.5-liter TSI evo2, which as a plug-in hybrid provides a system output of up to 200 kW (272 hp). Golf will facelift in 2024.

According to the report, the combustion engines in Audi will also be updated at this time. The A3 will enter the market in 2023 in an additional “All Street” variant, the electric variant will not be available before 2026. The new generation of the A4 combustion engine will come in 2024, in 2025 the next A6 combustion engine will be introduced to the market. From 2026 Audi only wants to launch new models worldwide with fully electric drives. By this time, more than 20 battery models will be available from the brand.

At Skoda, the 2023 model schedule focuses on a new version of the Superb as a combustion engine, followed by the Kodiaq and a facelift of the Octavia in 2024. At Seat, the subsidiary that is increasingly relying on the new Cupra brand, there will be a new combustion engine and Terramar 2024, which Seat wants to offer as petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid.

Porsche is also improving its combustion engine design with a view to synthetic fuels (“e-fuels”). In the next few years, the 911 will be modified first: in 2023, the 911 Journey will come, a road variant. Porsche plans to launch a hybrid version in 2024.