Audi RS 5 with competition package: a feast for fans of combustion engines

Audi RS 5 with competition package: a feast for fans of combustion engines

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From: Marcus Effler

Audi will soon switch to an electric car. Before that, however, there are still sports cars like the RS 5 with a competition package, which enjoys all the advantages of combustion engine technology.

Doing one thing, without neglecting the other – at least not at this time: Audi currently follows its model strategy according to this motto. Although he has VW-Daughter, unlike BMW, for examplethey Exit from combustion engine technology he announced. But it won’t be until 2029: enough time to let it crack that time with a combustion engine.

Testing the Audi RS 5 Competition: A feast for fans of combustion engines

For example with the RS 5 Coupé, a two-door, four-seat sports car of the old school, with its 450 hp V6 biturbo engine under the bonnet. Including the sound of the engine, which can be adjusted from trick to presentation on the touch screen menu, although the trick does not work. Something that shouldn’t bother its buyers too much, who spend 87,500 euros for a combustion engine without suspecting a hybrid.

Power package: Audi RS 5 with Competition-plus package © Sagmeister Photography/Audi

Rather the fact that this “ordinary” RS 5 is perfectly suited for everyday use, but perhaps too well behaved for use on the race track. Likewise Audi Two packages have been launched that bring more pepper to the load: the competition package, which already reduces the top speed to a full 290 km / h, costs 7875 euros. Take that, electric car! What is particularly impressive is the power with which the factory-tuned RS 5 accelerates above the standard 250 km/h, while still remaining stable in a straight line.

Audi RS 5 Racing in the test: Adjustable coilover suspension is included in the package

There is also a more powerful sound from the exhaust system that is eight kilograms lighter, less noise insulation in the engine compartment, a matrix light with laser technology and a very good animation, glowing blue when the doors are opened, 20-inch wheels and red edges on the seat belts. If you invest 11,375 euros, i.e. around 99,000 euros in total, you can also compress the springs: part of the Competition plus package is a replaceable coilover kit, including the appropriate wrench.

Adaptive steering, which reacts particularly aggressively to commands at high speeds, is then included. This is how the Audi RS becomes a dedicated speedster’s tool: the powerful Audi can be guided through bends and down straightaways with an ease that only a car without a heavy battery pack can provide. Finally, every horse power is used for movement and it is executed efficiently, there are coupés with 600 hp that seem worse.

Audi RS 5 cockpit
Everything Sporty: The cockpit of the Audi RS 5 Competition plus. © Audi

If you drive a fast and intelligent eight-speed automatic, you have to be careful not to turn the speedometer in the form of a racing hockey stick to the limit despite all the enthusiasm: the on-board computer holds and leaves the car. driver care. Similar to ESC (if activated) it only intervenes when physics exceeds the true reliable traction of a four-wheel drive. It is clear that the buyer is dealing with a rigid chassis from the school of sports cars. A few hundred kilometers on a public highway is still not a problem, and many should be. Speed ​​limit assistant open up new perspectives – if he even lowers himself into the Alcantara/leather seats of this car.

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Audi RS 5 competition in the test: 15 liters are possible

Audi has put together a package here that takes the ultimate advantages of a combustion engine over an electric car to the extreme, including range. Anyone who has fun with this Audi, of course, easily drives consumption up to 15 liters per 100 kilometers, and more, according to the slogan: burn fuel before others do. If you move this coupe with less than ten liters, you can also take the tram immediately.

engine/transmission/drive 3l V6 biturbo petrol engine/8-speed automatic/all-wheel drive
power/torque 331 kW (450 hp)/600 Nm at 1,900 – 5,000 rpm
Height width height 4.72/1.87/1.37m
amount of load 450L
Weight (without driver) 1,695kg
Vmax/0-100km/h 290 km/h / 3.9 s
CO2 consumption/production 9.8 – 9.3l/100km / 223 – 211g/km
Price 98,875 euros

Its location is the racetrack, or at least it should be – and so the speedometer display in the digital cockpit warns him to use it only there. You shouldn’t push the G-Meter’s virtual sphere to the edge in a public street space either. But even those who use only half of the capacity of this car are very happy with it.