Audi RS Q8 Mansory, a strong SUV with 780 HP and 320 km/h

Audi RS Q8 Mansory, a strong SUV with 780 HP and 320 km/h

After submitting your own translation of Audi RS Q8 in 2020, an upgrade Mansory has now completed modeling: An eye-catching green / yellow carbon fiber kit and a new exhaust system are just some of the many modifications that the super-SUV has undergone. Also 4.0 liter V8 engine, for example, thanks to Mansory’s “cure”, it can deliver well 780 HP and 1,000 Nm of maximum torque, for amazing performance.

Mansory Audi RS Q8, very sharp beauty

As always, Mansory tries to push the envelope when it comes to modifying cars that already perform out of the ordinary. There is no discrimination SR Q8which appears brighter than before: though green color itself is very elegant combination with details in yellow (beats on the bodywork, rims and mirrors) help to give a different effect. Also, extended carbon set, created as an emergency, makes the Mansory RS Q8 similar to its “sister” Lamborghini Urus, especially in the front area. The back. Instead, it is characterized by damage to the roof and diffuser, also in composite materials; the latter prepares unpublished works pentagonal tails. Cockpit takes the external “sharp” aesthetics: carbon fiber at will, German locator logos, different stitching but, above all, the the top-mounted start buttonnear the central rearview mirror. A very specific and effective solution.

Terrible performance

Obviously, an iconic engine 4.0 liter bi-turbo V8 of the RS Q8 was not left untouched. If already from nature the values ​​are those of a large car (600 HP and 800 Nm), after the change of Mansory – which includes full ECU mapping – the power train provides 780 HP and 1,000 Nm maximum torque. The result is nothing short of impressive performance for a car of this size: the 0-100km/h it is covered inside just 3.3 secondshigh speed stops 320 km / h.