Audi Urbansphere 2025: Price and Specifications

Audi Urbansphere 2025: Price and Specifications

The Audi Urbansphere 2025, with an estimated initial cost of £75,000 and slated for release in April 2025, aspires to achieve what “Dad” trainers have accomplished in the realm of fashion. These shoes were once regarded as a sartorial taboo, yet in recent times, they have become increasingly fashionable due to innovative designs from upscale brands such as Balenciaga. Audi intends to emulate this triumph by elevating the appeal of the MPV category. The Urbansphere features a cutting-edge cabin, self-driving capabilities, and an extensive electric range.

Audi Urbansphere Price

Estimated initial cost of £75,000

The forthcoming Audi Urbansphere 2025 Concept, will showcase the forefront of van technology. The anticipated range has been specified, yet there is no disclosed information on the possible release of a series model or its cost.

Audi Urbansphere concept on the road with city skyline in background

Concept cars such as the Audi Urbansphere (2025) are a source of excitement, as they provide a glimpse into the future and offer insight into what we may be driving in the next few years. Audi has produced three distinctive ideas, each presented through exceptional prototypes.

This trilogy of Sphere concept vehicles commenced with the stunning Skysphere Concept roadster, which boasts a flexible wheelbase and can even be manually controlled if preferred. This is noteworthy since all electric Sphere prototypes are primarily automated, operating at level 4 autonomy or higher, without the need for driver or passenger intervention.

The more tangible Audi Grandsphere Concept followed the more fanciful Skysphere, giving us a glimpse into the luxurious, fully-electric, and automated Audi of tomorrow- essentially the future’s Audi A8. And now, freshly scheduled launch: the Audi Urbansphere (2025).

Audi Urbansphere concept dashboard with infotainment display projected across

The Audi Urbansphere Concept (2022) in the video:

Notwithstanding, upon examining the Audi Urbansphere (2025), it becomes readily apparent that this automobile was crafted in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese populace. Although it presents itself as a sumptuous van, its aesthetics do not quite align with the predilections of, for instance, Europe, where there still exists a demand for elongated crossover models.

The designation “urban” is also somewhat deceptive from our perspective, as the Audi Urbansphere, with its dimensions of 5.51 meters in length, 2.01 meters in width, and 1.78 meters in height, has no relation whatsoever to a nimble city car.

However, it need not be so, as the most recent Audi prototype – created collaboratively by the Audi design studios located in Beijing and Ingolstadt – takes into account the necessities of individuals who inhabit and work within the numerous Chinese megacities.

Hence, the Urbansphere is much more than a means of transportation from one point to another. This is because, within the expansive and luxuriously fashioned Audi Urbansphere (2025), occupants will discover both ample space to unwind in a lounge-style atmosphere and a first-rate, modern, fully connected workspace from which they may carry out their day-to-day tasks.

The Urbansphere exudes a commanding presence from its exterior design, boasting 24-inch alloy wheels, sharp angular creases accentuating its haunches, and sizable color-LED light panels adorning the front and rear. These panels can be illuminated to convey messages to fellow motorists, including a warning signal in the form of a red “X,” or directional indicators in the form of amber arrows to indicate your intended path of travel.

Furthermore, should you desire to make a grand entrance, the vehicle’s undercarriage LED lights can project a crimson carpet upon the ground upon opening the doors.

Audi Urbansphere (2025) with a Variable Interior

Consequently, the Audi Urbansphere (2022) is capable of executing almost all voyages sans a conventional cockpit equipped with a steering wheel and pedals. The interior of this innovative vehicle has been meticulously designed to cater to the passengers’ every need, with multi-functional, flexible seating options providing ample space.

Given that the passengers’ profiles can differ significantly depending on the type of journey, the Urbansphere boasts great versatility within its interior, dispensing with the functional elements that drivers have grown accustomed to in the present day.

Audi has stated that the substantial size of the Urbansphere, which occupies over eleven square meters of traffic space, will have little bearing in the ideal future. This is due to the fact that the vehicle is capable of autonomously seeking out its destination, parking spot, and charging station, without requiring human intervention.

Passengers can instead avail themselves of a wide range of experiential offerings on board, such as virtually limitless infotainment or tailored individual services. Furthermore, the Audi Urbansphere (2022) even incorporates facial recognition and voice analysis technology to detect when its drivers or users are under stress, subsequently suggesting relaxation exercises through the mediation app, for instance.

Audi Urbansphere concept projecting 'red carpet' light, seen from above

Modern Technology in the Audi Urbansphere (2025)

By convention, the Audi Urbansphere (2022) automatically handles all driving functions. Nonetheless, if individuals wish to take an active role in deciding their own route and manner of travel, this is also an option. By pressing a button, a steering wheel and pedals emerge, and the necessary personalized displays for the driver and front passenger manifest on the wooden paneling in front of the windshield frame.

The front seating area becomes a traditional cockpit as needed. Meanwhile, passengers can access infotainment offerings, which can be retrieved through the practical MMI touchless response controls situated near the door opening. Additionally, while reclined in the relaxed seating position, control via gesture and eye-tracking is feasible.

Naturally, the standard equipment also includes intelligent voice control and supplementary control panels within the armrests, allowing each passenger to choose their preferred method of operation. Regardless of which option is chosen, all control systems of the Audi Urbansphere (2025) are self-teaching and adjust to the habits of the users.

Audi Urbansphere (2025) with a Wheelbase of 3.4 Meters

Notwithstanding its van-shaped outline, the Audi Urbansphere (2025) is indubitably a sumptuous automobile, featuring a colossal 3.4-meter wheelbase amid axles, coupled with powerful 24-inch wheels. The front facade is characterized by an octagonal single frame and a capacious digital light region, which is positioned behind a faintly shaded and transparent visor.

Magnificent light scenes can be established, but also explicit light indications towards other motorists. The light sections located at the outer edges of the Singleframe are accountable for the driving and high beams, while a variable matrix LED surface illuminates at the back.

Moreover, the Audi Urbansphere Concept also illuminates its passengers fittingly: while embarking or disembarking, a luminous carpet, in a shade of red, is laid out, guiding their path, and the passengers can even take the Audi Light Umbrella with them. The inner surface of the umbrella is comprised of a reflective material, enhancing its visibility, for instance, when crossing a street safely.

Audi Urbansphere concept showing red warning 'X' on light-up grille

750 Kilometers Range with the Audi Urbansphere (2025)

The technical foundation of the 2025 Audi Urbansphere is the electric series platform PPE (Premium Platform Electric), which was collaboratively developed by Audi and Porsche. The initial production model of Audi built on this novel foundation is the Audi Q6 e-tron SUV, slated for unveiling at the end of this year.

Unlike the Q6, the Urbansphere Concept study showcases a shallower battery with a 120 kilowatt-hour energy capacity, providing ample floor space between the widely spaced axles. With one e-machine assigned to each axle, Audi has achieved a completely adjustable quattro all-wheel drive, with the option to fully deactivate the front motor. This serves to conserve energy during taxiing phases.

The two electric motors combined produce a power output of up to 295 kW (401 hp) and a maximum total torque of 690 Newton meters. One remarkable feature of the PPE platform is the high voltage level of 800 volts, which allows the battery to be charged with a compatible fast charger capable of a maximum charging capacity of 270 kW. This charging rate can fill the battery’s charge level from five to 80 percent in less than 25 minutes. In accordance with the WLTP standard, an anticipated range of 750 kilometers can be expected.

The maneuverability and driving comfort of the 2025 Audi Urbansphere is ensured through various means, including a five-link front axle and a multi-link rear axle, both equipped with adaptive air suspension featuring an adaptive single-chamber air suspension in tandem with semi-actively controlled dampers.

Audi urbansphere Top Gear concept

It remains uncertain as to whether, when, and at what price the Urbansphere will become available in production series.

Audi urbansphere Top Gear concept

Audi urbansphere Top Gear concept

Audi urbansphere Top Gear concept

Audi urbansphere Top Gear concept

Audi urbansphere Top Gear concept

Audi urbansphere Top Gear concept

Audi urbansphere Top Gear concept

Audi urbansphere Top Gear concept

Audi urbansphere Top Gear concept

Audi urbansphere Top Gear concept

Audi urbansphere Top Gear concept

Audi urbansphere Top Gear concept

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