Auping surprises Mirjam with a free new IUD after seven years

Auping surprises Mirjam with a free new IUD after seven years

Ed Brewer

Mirjam Loonstijn from Heerhugowaard experienced ‘a strange thing’, she writes.

Seven years ago she and her husband bought two new electric convertible beds, mattresses and bedside tables. Oppose in Heerhugowaard. About two years ago, her husband’s spiral began to crack and eventually broke into two pieces. “Something like this usually happens AFTER the warranty period. The manager came to check on us and tried to fix it. Unfortunately that didn’t work. Then he set us up with a new IUD for free. We were very happy with that of course. That’s what I call service.”

With his compliments and accolades below, the stock of pats on the back has now dropped significantly. That means that for the following sessions of Classe! very happy to receive donations again. Were you also interested in the service of the store or company? Write to us And don’t forget to mention where you live, which often happens…

Piet Hoekstra from Oudkarspel brought his Volvo C70 two months ago Auto Trump in Alkmaar to replace a malfunctioning wheel. The promise was to do this at a much lower price by installing a used part. However, after the repair, the problem was not solved. “Roy Tromp immediately said to plan this well. On May 2, the car went for repair again. He showed me the wheel to be replaced: a new original wheel. The car was ready on May 5. Additional costs: NONE. A promise is a promise. I was cheap and service nice.”

Petra Hogenboom from Roelofarendsveen praises Living Sanders in Leidendorp for their good service. “In 2011 we had bought wheelchairs, now they were broken and after an examination in the store, they were ordered and delivered to Roelofarendsveen free of charge. Thank you for that.”

In the fall, many glasses less than a year old from Marina Wiering from Obdam were destroyed. With the damaged glasses he went to them Illustrations in Heerhugowaard where it was found that glass cannot be recycled. To his surprise, he received a sympathetic offer: brand new glasses for 300 euros. “So kudos to Specsavers.”

Rubber watch strap OOQE Paul Oosten’s smart watch from Heerhugowaard is broken. On the OOQE website he thought he would order six new tapes for 22.90 euros and that thought, will happen more often. However, there was only one band, which turned out to be 6 type number. “Expensive strap on a complete watch at 38 euros. But after reporting a misunderstanding, I returned the purchase amount. So, congratulations to Michael from OOQE!