Aurillac Street Theater Festival 2023: dates, companies… all programs have been launched

Aurillac Street Theater Festival 2023: dates, companies… all programs have been launched

The “human values” of the Aurillac theater festival, as stated by the president (Françoise Nyssen) and the director of Éclat (Frédéric Rémy), strongly supported the choices of the team, thinking about this edition of the festival 2023. “The year this will be that of a balanced theme with performances, visual forms, or physical forms, be it choreographic, acrobatic…” In total, Aurillac will host 18 companies in the official selection (and six as part of the Free field !) . Side companies, even if the figure is “made to change”, 742 companies are currently registered, and 668 completed their registration. “It’s a lot, insists the director. We do everything we can to prepare their reception, but the economic environment is difficult for artists, and they need to be known more than before.”

The Aurillac Street Theater Festival will “take place” in August 2024, despite the Olympics

Driven by the desire to accompany the changes taking place in street art, Éclat strives to open public space to all forms of expression, and to give voice to artists who are sometimes harmed in their own country. This is the case of Noir Art Group, an Iranian company created by a couple. Between the lines will look back on thirteen years of their romantic encounter, of artistic practices in the very tense political environment that the country is going through. Regulated artists who have decided, for this company, to work on the sidelines to keep their artistic freedom. If these artists will undoubtedly be part of the attractions of the 2023 edition that focuses on Switzerland, thanks to the eight performances in the official selection.

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We have chosen to focus on creation in the country’s public space, and it is Swiss creation that will be highlighted this year.

Return to large format and surround

Among the various types of performances announced, the street theater of Aurillac will see this year “the return of the tradition of the theater and wandering”, promised Frédéric Rémy. One of the companies that will provide the most promising design is the company Titanos, with righteous excitement. “They are changing the urban world, creating a world of balance”, says the director. The promise of quality will be displayed on a large scale. It cannot be avoided.

Titanos starts from the sleeping, forgotten exhibition, which spreads over 5000 m², and which wakes up…

Another great design, the one proposed by the company L’homme Debout, which will present Mo with a red ribbon. The ambulatory story is based on giant wicker puppets and the story of Mo, as a child, who shares his dreams and his childhood colors. “The show will talk about the life that changes because of the war”, and the scenographic device that serves the tragedy.

During the presentation of the program of the 2023 International Theater Festival at the Umbrella.

The Horde in the cobbles adjusted its performance to the size of Aurillac. And Stadium X race effects, a company of acrobats faces the cities in gatherings, accompanied by a rhythmic or haunting sound system, which closes their procession. Given Aurillac’s large dimensions, they called in other acrobats.

All selected companies in the In of the Aurillac festival

Here are the other companies present in the official selection of the Aurillac theater festival: Chris Cadillac (Switzerland), with Shit shows ; Jeanine Machine With The moon ; Together with The City on Fire To be ordainedZerep company with Spread the curtain, you will see (in a public space) and Underground meringue (at the municipal theater); Garniouze Ink and What I call Oblivion ; Tap and 2 // two beards ; La Berroca together PLS, Take care ; The Three Points of Suspension & 3615 Dakota (Switzerland) with continent ; Marcel and his Women of Love and Mask ; Marie-Caroline Hominal (Switzerland) with Asteroid Circus ; Number23Prod./Massimo Furlan (Switzerland) with With the animal ; Ouinch Ouinch X Mulah (Switzerland) with Happy Hype ; Pintozor Prod by Marion Thomas (Switzerland) withc Men’s District Living Set and Skree Wolf (Switzerland) and Trophy.

Anna Modolo