Australia’s best small cars rock up for Wheels Car of the Year 2023

Australia’s best small cars rock up for Wheels Car of the Year 2023

At this week’s Wheels Car of the Year 2023, Australia’s finest small cars demonstrated why they deserve to be contenders for prestigious honors.

The competition, held in Melbourne, saw a variety of cars from the world’s top automakers vying for the coveted title of best small car. The vehicles, ranging from sleek hatchbacks to stylish sedans, underwent a rigorous battery of tests and evaluations, covering everything from dynamic performance to fuel efficiency.

After a day of intensive scrutineering, the judges awarded the title of Car of the Year to the Ford Fiesta. The Fiesta, a five-door hatchback, impressed the judges with its nimble handling and efficient engine. The Fiesta also achieved excellent fuel economy figures, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a practical and affordable vehicle.

The runner-up in the competition was the Mazda 2. The Mazda’s stylish exterior and dynamic performance made it a worthy rival to the Fiesta, and it narrowly missed out on the top spot.

The Nissan Micra also fared well in the judging, coming in third place. The Micra, a small five-door hatchback, was praised for its economical engine and comfortable interior.

The final contestant in the competition was the Honda Jazz. Although this car performed well, it failed to make the top three.

The Wheels Car of the Year 2023 proved to be a highly competitive event, showcasing some of the best small cars available in Australia. The Ford Fiesta emerged victorious, and is an ideal option for those seeking a practical, economical and stylish vehicle.