Autotest – Polestar 2 (2020)

Autotest – Polestar 2 (2020)

You may know Polestar as Volvo’s executive department, but it is now an independent brand with big plans for the future. They want to sell more cars. Most electric cars have the same. Maybe they will succeed, read …

Volvo 40.2

Polestar is now standing on its two legs, but the relationship with Volvo is still clearly visible. The Polestar 2 is actually a ‘old’ concept car from Volvo: Volvo 40.2. Polestar got the design as a gift and put their own direction on it. All this under the supervision of the Chinese Geely, which owns Polestar and Volvo.

Get started

So Polestar is a fantastic brand. The brand feels like a start, but actually has 90 years of experience due to its relationship with Volvo. In practice, it turns out to be a powerful combination. You get to rely on the quality of an experienced automated manufacturer, but also all the components of advanced technology and design that most automakers do not dare to start with. Except for that one famous American manufacturer.


On paper, the Polestar 2 numbers promise. The car has two electric motors: one front and one rear and together produce 408 hp and 660 Nm. The average Dutchman has never had so much horsepower and torque at random. The car jumps from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.7 seconds. The top speed is 205 km / h.

But all of that is useless if you can enjoy it for just a short time. Fortunately, there is a battery pack with a capacity of 78 kWh below, so you can run 470 km (WLTP) on paper before searching for a charger. In practice it will be a little less, about 400-430 kilometers.

Fast charging and charging is possible up to 150 kW. The battery is charged from 0 to 80% within 40 minutes. The best charging speed, to go on vacation is also no problem with Polestar 2. If there is a large charging network on the way, of course.

The car can charge 3 installments at home or at a public charging station up to 11 kW. Polestar 2 is fully charged within seven hours. This way you can be sure that the battery is 100% full every morning.


When the doors slam shut, we hear immediately: this is not a start-up car. Even when we look inside the interior, we think out loud: “They’ve done this before”. The small dashboard feels good and looks very stylish.

The infotainment screen in the center responds very quickly. That’s when the feeling of starting to happen again occurs. We go through all the menus as fast as we can and try to pull Google Maps faster than the internet connection can handle. But it does not work, the system is too fast for us.

Android Automotive OS

We do not have Google Maps running on-screen via our smart phone or Android Auto. Popular navigation software is common in the infotainment system. How is that possible? Polestar has the first in the world: it is the first car to use Android Automotive OS.

This operating system should not be confused with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, but can be compared to Windows on PC or macOS on Mac. The system is very clear and comes in its own quality if you use a Google account. The system then you know exactly what your life and agenda looks like, making the car an extension of your life. Just like your smartphone.

Android Automotive Operating System works well in Polestar 2 even if it is not in Google’s ecosystem. You can then use Google Maps as your navigation system and Google Coordinator as a source of information. You just shout “Hey Google!” then ask your question. “What will the weather be like this afternoon?” or “Who invented the three-point seat belt?” for example.

If you are connected via a Google account, you can also ask Google to turn on the home heating element. Even Tesla can’t do that. Of course, the system can also pull the wrong buttons and you can ask if Google can beatbox, that is the starting humor …


They often pick and put the car together in the evening on the couch. Good job where you go through all the options, and you are often shocked by the final amount. At Polestar they are very happy from you, because there are no options available.

We say this with a smirk, because we really think it is a good move for a Swedish manufacturer. Automated developers usually make it ideal for low starting prices, but then you usually get a basic version with windows that you have to bring yourself. Then you have to tick the twenty most expensive options to make the car your favorite. Car manufacturers earn tons of money on options, and Polestar says no to that. Almost everything is included in the base price, except for the electric towbar with different body colors.

Polestar Performance Package 2

Or not? The test drive we drive has one option: Performance Package. And that’s an expensive option: 6,000 euros. This option is attractive for a sports driver, but the average Dutchman can do without it.

However, we do not hate most operations, so we would put a check mark behind this option. What do you get? Adjustable Öhlins Dual Flow Valve (22nd position), 20-inch alloy wheels, Brembo brakes and gold valve caps, brake cylinders and seat belts.

Thanks to sports brakes and a damper, you can enjoy 408 hp even more. The car is stuck on the road and bending over is not a problem for the heavy Polestar 2. It weighs 2100 kg. You must do it with a little comfort. The rotating noise of large tires is also more noticeable in a quiet electric car. There is no insulation that can prevent that unfortunately. In addition, large wheels ensure high energy consumption. So think carefully about what kind of rider you are, and if this discomfort is worth the fun you get.


We can not talk about it, we are very interested in Polestar 2. But we should talk about the electric elephant in the room: Tesla. Over the years, several car manufacturers have been experimenting with a Tesla assassin repair. They often failed, because they often associated models with very small batteries, bad charging times and limited inventions. The Polestar, however, is well-designed and offers a good alternative to the Model 3 (Dual Motor Long Range).

Polestar 2 and Model 3 do not differ much from each other, except for a few marks. The Model 3 is more versatile and can be charged quickly (up to 250 kW), but the Polestar 2 has a stylish interior and is comfortable. Quality of European construction† The cargo space of 405 liters (Polestar 2) compared to Tesla’s 425 liters will not make a difference either. Especially it will depend on your taste which car you prefer.

Polestar 2 is available from 59,800 euros and can be ordered through website† If you would like to see a car with your own eyes first, you can go to the so-called Polestar Spaces. These are like Apple Store, but from Polestar. There are four in the Netherlands: in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Leidschendam.