Autozine – Auto Show: Paris Motor Show 2022

Autozine – Auto Show: Paris Motor Show 2022

In recent years, it was mainly French products that set the tone and 2022 will not be different. French brands have the most popular locations and the largest centers.


Start with Renault. There, the brand shows a concept car that shows what the new version of Renault 4 could look like. The reborn variant naturally has an electric drivetrain and is bigger than the original. However, the designers have allowed themselves a lot of artistic freedom, because it is difficult to recognize the original Renault 4 in this concept.

Paris Motor Show 2022

More precisely, Scenic Concept. With this, Renault shows what the electric family car of the future could look like. About Autozine: start production immediately!


There are no new models in the Dacia sub-brand, but a new logo and a new approach. A cleanly painted logo adorns the stands and cars. Models will soon have a hybrid vehicle for (even) lower costs per kilometer.

Paris Motor Show 2022


Peugeot, the all-new 408 is in the middle. To show the car from all sides, it is mounted on a sphere with many rotating axes! This mid-sized business car is not a traditional sedan, but a “fastback” with a smooth curve. The 408 will be available with petrol, plug-in hybrid and electric drive.

Paris Motor Show 2022

In addition to the 408, Peugeot shows the e-208, which has become more powerful and economical, adding more variety.


What makes the 2022 Paris Motor Show different is the presence of new brands. The first of these is the Vietnamese Vinfast. After the manufacturer gained experience in its home country with combustion engine cars, it has now developed a full line of electric cars. They are coming to Europe and, thanks to a fast development process and cooperation with well-known European suppliers, they promise great value for money and good warranty conditions (10 years).

Paris Motor Show 2022

VF 6 is a segment B vehicle that Vinfast wants to make electric operation affordable. Thanks to the smooth lines, the VF 6 looks bigger than it really is and because it is the latest Vinfast model, this compact SUV offers all the technology of the larger models.

The VF 7 is a true mid-range car for the general public. The VF 7 shares a technical base with the VF 6, but is larger. The slightly higher price does not only translate into more space, but also more refinement and richer equipment.

Paris Motor Show 2022

VF 8 and 9 were produced at the same time. The VF 8 is a large SUV for Europe, while the VF 9 is larger in size and aimed more at the American market, partly due to its design.

All types are not only for sale, but also for rent / lease at special rates.

BYD (Build Your Dreams)

Until recently, the Chinese BYD was only involved in buses and trucks, but soon it will also supply passenger cars in Europe. The column has three models. The ATTO 3 is a compact crossover with a price tag of 38,000 euros BYD for the entry-level model. The TANG is a large SUV that is very fast despite its funny design. A top example is the BYD HAN: a large sedan with true sports car performance.

Paris Motor Show 2022

“Seal” is the first in Paris. The model is already available in China and based on the response of visitors to the Paris motor show, it will be known if this sedan with coupe lines will also come to Europe.


The Chinese brand “Wey” brings two major plug-in hybrids and thus aims at markets where full electric operation has not yet been introduced. “Coffee” therefore does not come to the Netherlands.

Paris Motor Show 2022

Wey has a small brand called “Ora” that makes fully electric cars with amazing designs. There is no original line, but in fact everything is copied from other models. The “Ora Cat” looks a bit like a Beetle, a Volkswagen and even a Bentley! Better to be well robbed than a bad pregnancy, we say. Although Wey and Ora are coming to various European countries, the Netherlands is not yet included in the list.


Although almost all brands of volume are absent, Jeep is present in Paris. That’s where the Avenger begins. This is Jeep’s first all-electric vehicle, with its signature off-road capabilities, of course.

Paris Motor Show 2022


Because there are few exhibitors, only three halls are used. But even those cannot be completely filled. To fill in the gaps there are several supercar stands, American giants displays and even a full go-kart track!

In addition, the lack of standing for car manufacturers is part of the compensation and many suppliers of equipment. Because more and more electric cars are being driven, there are also more and more providers of charging stations. In addition, there are various manufacturers of small electric city cars, shared cars and other tailor-made solutions.

Paris Motor Show 2022

Students are given the chance to stand for free! “Estaca” engineering school participates in the French competition for students. They build cars that take part in the rally from France to Dakar. The Estaca team hopes to take first prize this year because they were the first to build a rally car.


Will the 2022 Paris Motor Show be revolutionary? Yes, but not in the way the organization intended.

The negative revolution is the number of foreign exhibitors: that is less than before. The Paris Motor Show 2022 is a French celebration that almost all other car manufacturers are grateful for.

The exception is the new Asian brands. They often do not (yet) have a showroom in the Netherlands and are showing themselves to the European public for the first time in Paris. In addition, they introduce methods and concepts for which the established order is not yet ready. In that case they give a positive revolution.