Autozine – Review: Citroen C4 X

Autozine – Review: Citroen C4 X

How special the C4 X is depends on which angle the car is viewed from. Seen from the front, the C4 X looks like two drops of water on the C4. That’s not surprising, because the C4 X is just a variant of this existing model. Up to and including the C-pillar (the bar between the rear side window and the rear window), the C4 and C4 X are identical!

Citroen C4 X

Seen from the side, the first difference becomes obvious. Round bumpers give the “X” a more attractive appearance, and slightly increased ground clearance allows the crossover to handle uneven terrain better. The real difference is in the background. The roof is a little soft there, like for a coupe.

The room

The tailgate is the same as the sedan: the rear window does not go in. Remember that the hinges go deep into the trunk and therefore can damage the luggage. However, the design of the C4 X does not offer added value: thanks to the 24 cm length behind the rear wheels, the luggage space is very long and therefore large (total of 510 liters).

Citroen C4 X
Citroen C4 X

Despite the slope of the roof, the space in the back is the same, as in the regular C4. The increase in ground clearance is almost invisible in the front and rear. In fact, with the adjustment of the height of the front seats, more is available! Those front seats are, as usual with Citroën, of sorts “High Comfort”. This means that several materials have been combined to create chairs that are strong but comfortable. There are a few things to notice during a short test ride, but much more on a long ride.

“What the “X” adds is a little more ground clearance, extra clearance behind the rear wheels and a sedan-like tailgate”


Since the C4 and C4 X are actually the same cars, the equipment is also the same. However, with the introduction of the C4 X, Citroën’s new audio, communication and navigation system (from the larger C5 X) comes to the C4 and C4 X. “My Citroen Plus Store” it offers better support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (now also wireless) and the user can control the system better. In addition, Citroën is introducing a smart voice-activated assistant that can be activated by saying “Hello Citroën”.

Citroen C4 X

Driving habits

This report is based on Citroën’s presentation, an experimental test has not yet been possible. However, because the C4 and C4 X are almost identical, information can already be given about the driving characteristics.

Like the C4, the C4 X will only come to the Netherlands as an electric car (“ë-C4 X”). It has the same powertrain as all other electric vehicles from Citroën and sister brands Peugeot, Opel and Fiat. The battery has a capacity of 50 kWh, which gives the C4 X a theoretical range of 360 km. As for Autozine, this is an excellent balance between usability, weight and price. Under good conditions, the C4 X can charge at the rate of 100 kW, which is also a good value (fast makes the car very expensive, slow makes very long stops).

Citroen C4 X

The electric motor has a power of 136 hp and a torque of 260 Nm. This makes the C4 X definitely not a sprinter, but experience with similar cars with this engine shows that the performance is more than enough in practice.

Care is determined by what is known “Continuous Hydrolic Rivers”. These are shock absorbers that have different behavior depending on the situation (long or short bumps). Citroen promises that the C4 (X) seems to float on the surface of the road, but tests and other models show that this is not the case. However, the car reacts with equal delay and that gives a peace and grandeur that the conventional chassis does not offer.

Citroen C4 X


How does Citroën combine an SUV, a sedan and a coupé? For effort! The C4 X is actually a variant of the existing C4. It already has a coupe-like roof slope. What the “X” adds is a little more ground clearance, extra rear wheelbase and a sedan-like tailgate..

What Citroen achieves with this is a large part of the luggage space and the answer to the high demand for SUVs. However, because the C4 X is much lower than a conventional SUV, handling is better and consumption is lower. Therein lies the added value of C4 X.


  • Very comfortable
  • Natural design


  • A little different from the C4, but a big extra cost
  • Hinges on the trunk can damage the luggage
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