Avengers: Infinity War – How did Thanos kill half the world?

Avengers: Infinity War – How did Thanos kill half the world?

How did Thanos do his job? It turns out that he only needed one Infinity Stone for the finger-snapping effect.

Thanos is the most powerful and terrifying enemy in the world MCU universe. Interestingly, a large crowd of fans of the movie “Avengers: Infinity War” believe so Mad Titan he has not done anything wrong by erasing the existence half of the world’s population including plants and animals. It’s been months since the film premiered, but Thanos’ secrets continue to haunt viewers. One of the creators 3. parts of “Avengers” revealed how the evil one achieved his evil work.

“Avengers: Infinity War” – how Thanos killed half of the world’s population?

Dan DeLeeuw – an expert dealing with the field of vision special effects in “Infinity War” in conversation with the portal opposite, revealed one of the secrets of the film’s final scene.

The Power Stone wiped them all out of existence.

Fans had different theories about how it worked The Infinity Gauntlet. Others believed that they were talking about killing half of the heroes all the gems. Others wear it Stone of Truth or the Soul Stone. It turned out, however, that he had done a dirty job Stone of Power. It’s very interesting because these artifacts were shown in movies like meaningless. It’s not even shown how Thanos got into his possession. It was only mentioned that invaded the planet Xandar and took him by force.

But you only need to remember the last scene from Guardians of the Galaxy to understand that the Power Stone really turned half the world into dust.

Will destroying these jewels cause Thanos to fail? Or maybe the key to the Avengers’ victory is Soul Stone? We will see in May 2019, when the movie “Avengers 4” will hit the screens.

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