Average temperatures return to western Washington | KING 5 weather

Average temperatures return to western Washington | KING 5 weather

As the days begin to become warmer and longer, the typical temperatures of Western Washington have been restored. According to KING 5 weather, the averages have been close to the seasonal norms since the end of March.

The temperature trend has been on an upward trajectory since the coldest days in February, with an especially notable increase in the last week. Despite the cooler temperatures in the beginning of the month, the average temperature for March was only 1.2 degrees Celsius below the normal average.

The warmth has been especially welcomed after a particularly chilly winter season in which temperatures dropped notably below the average. This winter was the coldest in the last five years, with temperatures averaging 1.4 degrees Celsius below the seasonal norm.

The usual temperature variation between the western and eastern parts of Washington State has been restored. The maximum temperatures in the western part of the state have returned to the normal average, whereas the eastern part of the state has remained cooler.

The warmer temperatures have also brought abundant sunshine, leading to a rise in humidity levels. This is the typical pattern for the region, with humidity levels increasing steadily as the temperature rises.

Despite the return to normal temperatures, the weather remains unpredictable in Western Washington. This is especially true in the spring months, when occasional rain and wind can disrupt the pattern of seasonal temperatures.

Nevertheless, the recent warm trend is a welcome sign that the usual climate of the region has returned.