Aviation: “Ferrari of space” meets in Marmande

Aviation: “Ferrari of space” meets in Marmande

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Lancair aircraft are designed by enthusiasts. ©B.Ballande/D.Covre

Once a year, for more than a decade, Lancair owners and builders meet in a European country to discuss and share their passion for aviation. This year, and for the 6th time, it is at the airport of Marmande-Virazeil where the gathering takes place, where the general public is also invited.

Travel speed: 400 km / h

Lancair is not an airplane like the others. Designed and built by enthusiasts, this two-seater aircraft made of composite materials shows exceptional performance: depending on the design and engine, it can reach a cruising speed of almost 400 km/h! It is enough to make Marmande-Paris in 1:20 hours.

It also has the great advantage of having an average fuel consumption of 9 liters per 100km. “It’s a little like a Ferrari in space! “It summarizes Dominique Covre, president of Lancair Club Marmandais and organizer of the meeting.

“Having been built by individuals, under the control of the aviation authority, each model is unique,” he adds enthusiastically.

About twenty aircraft from all over Europe are registered.

Show Aces

After the open house on May 14 and the Lancair aviation meeting from May 27 to 29, another major event is planned at the airport on June 17 and 18: Show des As. This is an event around model airplanes for model enthusiasts.

The goal of aeromodelling is to reproduce the aircraft as faithfully as possible, at a different level. Models can vary greatly from one project to another, from several tens of grams to more than 150kg.

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The same difference to the motorization and the materials used, which go from simple cardboard, to wood and modern synthetic fibers.

In short, there is something for everyone and for all levels!

Both collections are free.

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