Bad news in two packs: Are things now bleak for Volkswagen shares?

Bad news in two packs: Are things now bleak for Volkswagen shares?

The new week does not start promisingly for the Volkswagen car manufacturer. Are two negative headlines now driving stock prices down?

Last weekend was certainly not good for the Volkswagen car manufacturer. As the company basically confirmed on Saturday, VW has been the target of hacker attacks for several years. Thousands of files were stolen during these attacks.

“Spiegel” and ZDF previously reported on the incident, citing internal VW documents. According to reports, the Chinese embassy in Berlin reacted angrily to suspected links with China. VW itself also insisted that the incident happened ten years ago. However, it cannot be determined that investors will react carefully to possible connections to China and may fear competitive losses in this important individual market.

Volkswagen Vz.
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Goldman cuts Volkswagen price target

The initial shock over the weekend was followed by further bad news for investors on Monday. With a “neutral” rating, Goldman Sachs analysts have lowered their price target for Volkswagen’s assets from 146 to 140 euros, which corresponds to a loss of almost four percent. But does the news already have an impact on stocks?

How does Volkswagen stock perform?

Recently, the car maker’s shares and the DAX had moved in sync. The newspaper was initially unaffected by the bad news on Monday morning and is unchanged from last week.

But even if another price slide follows, long-term investors should not panic. The outlook for Volkswagen is fundamentally still positive and, according to data from the “MarketScreener” platform, analysts also believe that the stock currently has an average return of around 20 percent.

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