Bad times for Jaguar Land Rover dealers

Bad times for Jaguar Land Rover dealers

Like Automatic Notification it has recently been revealed, tensions are high between the Jaguar and Land Rover brands and their networks, particularly for the Blackpool manufacturer. In France, the management of So Jaguar invoked article 35 several shops, and reduce the number of investors. In the market, the commercial situation is bad, and Jaguar has registered 999 cars since the beginning of the year, and 37 registrations since the beginning of November. In Land Rover, the situation is better, with 3,637 registrations since the beginning of the year. In addition, Jaguar Land Rover’s results in the latest Manufacturer Love Rating survey were very poor.

The European network has been reduced to a trickle

The problem is happening at the European level with our colleagues from Belgium Gocar manifest that the network must go from 26 5 sites in Belgium. In Germany, we would go out 90 28 shops. In addition, Jaguar dealers will have to accept a less expensive dealership contract than before. Conversely, at least initially, Land Rover dealers should continue to operate under a selective distribution contract.

Jaguar’s relaunch seems to be suffering…

In fact, for many investors, the question of the future of the Jaguar brand arises. Under the Tata banner, it must implement its Reimagine program which involves more luxury than premium space and mass electrification (100% by 2025). However, Thierry Bollore has left the group and time will be given by Adrian Mardell, which is not a good situation to implement a forced rehabilitation program. And for now, Jaguar Land Rover must still focus on the Tesla pool to avoid the CO2 fine in Europe. No new model is planned for 2025 and the launch of the new internal platform Panthera, which Jaguar will not share with Land Rover, turning away from SUVs. We should also remember that the electric XJ project was suddenly cancelled.

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