Battery Factory Ready, Hyundai’s Affordable Electric Car Launches in RI 2024

Battery Factory Ready, Hyundai’s Affordable Electric Car Launches in RI 2024

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Battery factory Hyundai in the country that will start operating next year will stimulate the birth of new electric vehicles in Indonesia. The product is likely to be cheaper than Hyundai’s current best-selling electric car, the Ioniq 5.

Hyundai is currently building two battery factories in Indonesia, namely battery cells in Karawang and battery systems in Cikarang. The two factories will cooperate to supply electric vehicle battery components to Hyundai’s car factory in Cikarang which is managed by Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Indonesia.

Production of battery cells and battery systems will begin in April 2024.

Fransiscus Soerjopranoto, Chief Operating Officer of Hyundai Motors Indonesia, explained that local battery production will reduce equipment costs because nickel material from Indonesia does not need to be exported and then brought back to Indonesia in the form of battery packs. This procedure can be done later in Indonesia.

“So in other words and cost product The hope is that we can produce cars that are more compatible with market in Indonesia and various“It could be more different,” said Fransiscus in Jakarta, Monday (2/10).

“It could be above the Ioniq 5, it could be below the Ioniq 5 as well,” he said again.

Currently, Hyundai sells four versions of the Ioniq 5, the cheapest of which is Rp. 759 million to the most expensive of Rp. 870 million after the government subsidy is paid. This price has increased from before with the addition of the Bluelink feature.

Hyundai also offers another electric car, which is the Ioniq 6, which is sold at IDR 1.197 billion.

The price difference between the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 5 is very wide and can be replaced by a new model. However, Soerjoranoto did not explain this clearly.

Electric vehicles on the market that are cheaper than the Ioniq 5 are currently available from Chinese brands, namely Wuling Air EV R188.9 million – IDR 273.5 million after subsidy and Seres E1 IDR 189 million – IDR 219 million without subsidy .

According to Fransiscus, the price gap for electric vehicle products in the country is still very large and manufacturers have an opportunity to fill it.

“And indeed electric car now it is still a white paper. player variousThere are still many of them, they are still very long. “Some are IDR 188.9 million, others are above IDR 3 billion, it is still very long, not like that of ICE,” he said.

Last July, Hyundai Motor ASEAN HQ President Young Tack Lee said that there were two Hyundai electric cars that would be launched in Indonesia next year but their identity has not been revealed.

“Next year we want to launch two more electric cars in Indonesia. We want to bring all electric cars in Korea to Indonesia,” said Lee, Tuesday (11/7).

(Gambas: Video CNN)


(Gambas: Video CNN)