“Battery production is becoming increasingly difficult,” says Volkswagen

“Battery production is becoming increasingly difficult,” says Volkswagen

The 27 member states of the European Union have ratified an agreement to ban the sale of cars and light commercial vehicles with combustion engines from 2035, with a slight reduction. This decision has at least a reputation for giving producers a clear vision and the right goals, but they face a major challenge: producing enough batteries to meet demand. At least that is the opinion of Volkswagen.

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Arno Antlitz, Volkswagen’s chief financial officer, told Reuters that the goal of a complete overhaul of EVs by 2035 is “a major challenge, but we believe it can be achieved.” He added that “the biggest challenge is not the production capacity of the automotive industry. The most difficult thing will be to strengthen the supply chain of batteries.”

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The statement looks like the most shocking statement by Stellantis chief Carlos Tavares, who announced last month that he expects a battery shortage for the automotive industry in 2024-2025. He said last Wednesday that that was neither good news nor bad news, but confirmed the group’s predictions.

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Source: Reuters