Bayern want talks with Qatar Airways.  I don’t want to stop working with them

Bayern want talks with Qatar Airways. I don’t want to stop working with them

Ott also criticized discrimination against women and the restriction of LGBTQ rights. Another member, Robin Feinauer, reporting on poor labor conditions in Qatar, asked Bayern bosses Herbert Hainer and Oliver Kahn if “Bayern can’t try to ensure compliance with labor standards and how many people have to die before the reform process is achieved.”

Kahn tried to answer. – Since football arrived in Qatar, the situation has changed. You have to find the conversation, there’s no way around it. And Abdulla bin Mohammed Al-Thani, Qatar’s ambassador to Germany, criticizes the one-sided attitude of his country. – Work and LGBT are the only topics they ask me about. Most people don’t look at all the progress we have made since we were given the chance to host the World Cup.

Hassan Al-Thawadi, head of the World Cup organization in Qatar, also spoke. – We have improved. This has been confirmed by institutions such as Amnesty International and trade unions, he said. Former Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said “Qatar is one of the few calm places in an unstable region.”

Amnesty International’s Stephen Cockburn spoke about the situation of workers. – What has been achieved so far is not enough. The biggest danger is that we rest on our laurels, he notes. Max Tunon, head of the International Labor Organization’s office in Qatar, said the case had not been resolved. – We receive complaints from employees every day. There are still problems – he informs.


Krzysztof Przytuła rarely speaks to journalists. He believes that the effects of his work should speak for him. However, he agreed to appear in the next episode of the podcast “X-ray”. The former sporting director of ŁKS talks about the six years spent at the club in Łódź, a project that will not be completed and plans for the future. First, however, he must learn to relax.