Ben Sulayem on Aston Martin: “He can fight for the title in 2 or 3 years” – Formula 1

Ben Sulayem on Aston Martin: “He can fight for the title in 2 or 3 years” – Formula 1

At a historical moment when Formula 1 is in open discussion on the concept of the entry of other teams (starting with ongoing talks for the possible arrival of Andretti), there is no lack of other question marks or curiosity about the teams that are currently there. song. One of these, outside the elite team, has long been associated with the prospect ofAston Martin, the fact that invests more to reach the bosses. Latest shows, more intervention in Silverstone headquarterswas the signing of two world champions as Fernando Alonsowho is also looking for new achievements before being able to finish his work in the coming years.

Already from the 2023 championship, which will start in Marchmaybe we will be able to see the first steps forward of the British company, but the first to be sure about the development of Lawrence Stroll’s team was the President of the FIA ​​himself: Mohammed Ben Sulayem. In fact, the number 1 of the Federation admitted that he is optimistic about the future of Aston Martin, with the work of the team and with the ‘support’ of principles such as the budget level. Proof is his positive view of the goals that Aston Martin will be able to achieve two or three yearswhen he will even be able to fight the name of the world: “On paper they should be able to do that – explained the 61-year-old Emirati – their investment is significant and they have an intelligent driver in Fernando Alonso. I think they will succeed but winning is very difficult. Look at Ferrari: it didn’t win not because it’s slow, but because of reliability, handling, or the whole thing. Aston Martin has no budget problems. Maybe he needs to turn things around and Lawrence Stroll is doing just that, with a new driver and new staff. This is also important.”

In conclusion, Ben Sulayem once again emphasized the issue in the principles, and especially on consumption ceiling that the teams will have to respect. An aspect that the FIA ​​does not agree with, taking the recent case of Red Bull: “Teams are faced with a technological challenge and must achieve performance within budget – has explained – You saw that I was very clear about what happened with Red Bull, we have been clear. No one will be able to use it to hide things. The FIA ​​is looking into the matter, it is our responsibility. Now the gap between some teams is big, but we have to make sure that the budget limit allow the smaller to get closer to the larger“.

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