Bentley Speed ​​Six: Le Mans winner re-created

Bentley Speed ​​Six: Le Mans winner re-created

As part of the Continuing Series, Bentley is once again releasing 12 models of pre-war race car.

Good money can be made by imitating story classics. You know in Bentley too. Accordingly, the British are now expanding their Continuation Series, which began with a new version of 12 copies of Bentley Blower.

The new project, which has now been announced at the 2022 Goodwood Speed ​​Festival, is turning to Bentley Speed ​​Six. Only 12 more models of the race car that won the Le Mans race in 1929 and 1930 were developed. Speed ​​Six is ​​considered to be the most successful Bentley race car of its time and one of Bentley’s most important in history. Bentley Mulliner, who was also responsible for the new version of Blower, is again responsible for the re-printing of the pre-war car. The new Speed ​​Six depends on the technicality and appearance especially on the Bentley race cars that beat Le Mans. The first new Six Speed ​​in 92 years will be assembled in the second half of 2022 and will serve as a pilot vehicle and project development. This “Speed ​​Six Car Zero” is still owned by Bentley and joins “Blower Car Zero”.


1.75 million euros is expensive, but it has already been completely taken away

Bentley collectors who are now concerned should be told that all 12 models are already reserved for customers. Each copy costs 1.5 million pounds – equivalent to around 1.75 million euros.

Speed ​​Six was an improved version of the 6.5-liter Bentley version of 1926. WO Bentley believed that the surest way to increase power was to increase transmission, contrary to Tim Birkin’s firm belief in high-powered engines. So he built a new, larger engine to replace the 4.5-liter engine. With a stroke of 100 mm and a stroke of 140mm, this new sixth column was transferred of about 6.6 liters. In its basic form, with a single Smiths five-slide carburetor, twin magnetos with a compression ratio of 4.4: 1, a 6.5-liter engine produced 150 hp at 3,500 rpm. A total of 362 models were built at the Bentley factory in Cricklewood, north London – with different chassis of different lengths, depending on the customer’s preferred body style.

The Speed ​​Six Chassis was introduced in 1928 as a variant of the 6.5-liter sports car. The engine was upgraded to boost power – it received two SU carburers, a high compression ratio and a high performance camshaft, resulting in a power output of 183 hp. Customers could order a Speed ​​Six chassis in 3505mm, 3569mm and 3874mm wheelbases, with shorter chassis becoming more popular. A total of 182 Speed ​​Six models were built between 1928 and 1930.

The Speed ​​Six race version had a 3,353 mm wheel and a high-performance engine with a ratio of 6.1: 1 and a output of 203 hp. Two victories at Le Mans in 1929 and 1930 strengthened the Sixth speed in Bentley’s all-time success story.

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It seems there are enough heeled car collectors in the world who are satisfied with copies that are truly original. Bentley uses this passion and creates famous designs from its own history – very small and very expensive. The blower is now followed by a small Speed ​​Six column.