Bentvelzen runs Volvo again •

Bentvelzen runs Volvo again •

Bentvelzen Transport has ordered a new Volvo FM 380 4 × 2 tractor for supermarket distribution. For this, Volvo Trucks returns to a group of companies from Alphen aan den Rijn. Positive outlook from taxis, low input and many security systems were the main reasons for choosing Volvo FM. The truck was donated by Volvo Group Truck Dealer Alphen aan den Rijn.

Bentvelzen shipping is mainly used in food shipping, distribution, express transportation and mail services. “Most of our work is volunteer transportation,” says owner Kees Bentvelzen. “We drive for PreZero, Dachser, Mastermate and Dirk and Lidl supermarkets, among others.”

For retail distribution, Bentvelzen transport has expanded its fleet with the new Volvo FM 380 4 × 2 tractor. Bentvelzen relied on options, among other things, for a successful trial with a Volvo FM show truck. “Our driver drove the truck for a few days and was very satisfied,” says Kees Bentvelzen. “We have known Volvo trucks for a long time. A good summary from the taxi is one of the highlights of Volvo FM’s new style. This is of course very important when distributing supermarkets in cities. The truck also has blind cameras and cameras extras that provide 3600 visibility around the car.Light headlights and safety systems such as Front Warning and Flexible Transport Control with the Stop & Go feature ensures better visibility and better road safety.

Bentvelzen cites more positive points. “The two-step input is a unique feature of Volvo FM and of course the I-Shift gearbox remains attractive. Our driver had only one thing to consider: the driver’s seat height at exit. The Volvo Group Truck also handles this: With switches, the seat can be placed in a special lower position, which facilitates entry and exit.

It is the first new Volvo truck to transport Bentvelzen in more than a decade. “Although we haven’t had Volvo trucks for a few years, we have been in contact with the account manager. He also asked us if we would like to try the Volvo FM show, as he was sure this would be a good truck for us. In part due to his enthusiasm and advice, we decided to go. for Volvo FM. Results: a truck with a good balance between low consumption and sufficient pulling power.This Volvo FM meets all food supply requirements.