Bernreiter attacks the Greens: “You can’t stop caring”

Bernreiter attacks the Greens: “You can’t stop caring”

Production at BMW in Dingolfing. The automaker is currently looking for a location in Bavaria. Construction Minister Bernreiter cannot understand the criticism of the Greens in this matter. – Photo: dpa

In the debate about the location of BMW to find a new plant, a conflict arose between the Minister of Transport Christian Bernreiter (CSU) and the Greens in the state parliament. “You can’t stop being a defender,” said Deggendorfer.

BMW is currently looking for a location for a new factory in Bavaria. The factory should be “at least 50 to more than 100 hectares” in size, the automaker told our newspaper on request. High-voltage batteries for a new generation of electric vehicles will be produced there in the future.

Greens against new jobs

A double-edged sword for the Greens. They see the development of better, more powerful batteries as laudable; This is a contribution to climate protection and provides future jobs. What you may not understand, however, is that the car manufacturer wants to build a completely new plant for this.

“You cannot be closing 50 to 100 hectares of the best farm in a Bavarian warehouse,” he writes. Green MP Toni Schuberl in a letter to BMW boss Oliver Zipse. Instead, BMW should build underground parking and production facilities on large parking lots in Dingolfing.

Lower Bavaria should remain the “first region”.

The Minister of Transport and Construction Christian Bernreiter is not aware of this. In a statement available to our newspaper, he strongly attacks the Greens. “The Greens just can not stop being patronizing. In fact, we live in difficult times. But it is more important that we do not create additional problems for first-class companies in Bavaria,” it says.

The Greens talked a lot “about future mobility, but the industry for this should be somewhere else.” It is important for him that Lower Bavaria remains the first region and does not end up in the downward spiral “due to ideological politics”.