Best-selling cars in the world: Toyota leads, Tesla is behind

Best-selling cars in the world: Toyota leads, Tesla is behind

Belgians love European cars – especially when those European cars are also German. Just look at the list of the most popular models in Belgium in 2022, because there you will find 3 German cars (or 4 if you count the Mini Cooper), followed by 3 French, Swedish and Romanian. As a result, Toyota appears only once in our top 10, but that seems not to be the case elsewhere in the world… On the contrary.

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The JATO Dynamics research organization has completed summing up all the cars sold worldwide last year, resulting in the top 10 of the most popular models in the world. Toyota accounts for no less than half of the places, but surprisingly enough it is not the Corolla that will take the top spot. That honor goes to the RAV4 with about 1,016,000 sold, with the Corolla in second place with 992,000 units. We also see the Camry in 5th place and the Hilux in 6th place, while the new Corolla Cross has already crowned itself the eighth most popular car in the world in its first full year of production. This can easily be called a strong rider, accounting for 221% more sales than the previous year.

  • 1: Toyota RAV4 – 1,016,000
  • 2: Toyota Corolla – 992,000
  • 3: Tesla Model Y – 747.000
  • 4: Honda CR-V – 733,000
  • 5: Toyota Camry – 673.000
  • 6: Toyota Hilux – 632.000
  • 7: Nissan Sentra – 566,000
  • 8: Toyota Corolla Cross – 530,000
  • 9: Ford F150 – 525.000
  • 10: Tesla Model 3 – 482.000

    The second increase in power, however, is even more surprising, because the Tesla Model Y was sold 91% more times last year than in 2021. All together, 747,000 units were sold, making the electric SUV suddenly the third most popular car in the car. world.. The only other EV that appears on the list is also Tesla, i.e. the Model 3 in tenth place. In total, 9.3% of cars sold worldwide last year were purely electric, accounting for 7.37 million units. This brings the total number of new cars sold in 2022 to a cool 79.4 million, which is still 2% less than the previous year.